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Google’s algorithm changes day-to-day and is becoming incredibly complex to rank in 2018. But does it actually have to be difficult? Everyone on the internet claims that Google SEO is dead when in reality it is not. It is far from dead, but the game has changed and Google wants a more of a “natural” look.

With the focus of every business in the world going social, how can you be the one genius that stands out from the crowd and gets all the free traffic where everyone pays for traffic.

Because in reality, you cannot rely on paid traffic for your business. Facebook advertising over time will become more expensive as the whole marketplace will be on the platform and the bidding prices will skyrocket.

Google has millions of search engine metrics but today I want you to focus on 5 2018 SEO ranking factors that will skyrocket your search results and get you well-deserved search engine traffic.

The top 5 2018 SEO Ranking Factors

Google has had a huge shift from when SEO was “easy” to do. You used to just throw a bunch of cheap links to a website and pray for rankings. This is where the term “link building” comes from. Although link building is far from dead, Google has really started to pay attention to how a company:

  • Acquires new links
  • The velocity of acquisition
  • Where the links are coming from

Looking at the periodic table of SEO success factors designed by Search Engine Land you will see that SEO appears to be complex.

2018 SEO ranking factors


Looking at this combination it appears that SEO is a little more than just buying links. The way you did SEO in 2008 is completely different than how you would do it in 2018.

So today I’m here to bring you 5 new SEO ideas that will allow you to rank substantially above your competitors. With there being over 200 SEO ranking factors, which 5 are relevant for SEO in 2018? Here are the top 5:

  1. Links 
  2. Content 
  3. Video 
  4. Rank Brain 
  5. Branded Queries 

Now before we dig into these Top 2018 SEO Ranking Factors I want you to keep an open mind because some of these factors are not talked about. Rankbrain, for example, may be new to you but Google has made it clear that machine learning is going to prevail in 2018.

Don’t worry, we are going to make these 5 very easy to understand so if you want a competitive edge in SEO, keep reading: 


1. Links

The top SEO ranking factor in 2018 will be links.  This is not surprising as Google has started to put so much relevancy on social signals but links are where the real power comes from. Social signals are easy to manipulate but real links with real power will always give your website a real natural feel.

What kind of links?

Google puts a value calculation behind a link and it is right to do so.

If a website with a spammy score and low page rank authority links to you it is likely that your site won’t rank. Moz calls this Domain rank (DR) and Page Rank (PR) and it is a quality number calculated from 0-100.

A good way to check this is to use a tool like Checkmoz where you can instantly get some results just by putting domains in.

So what does this look like in action? Well, let’s say you wanted to rank your website for a range of SEO related keywords, you would start by seeing where you can get a link from.

After your studies you come across two link opportunities:


or a smaller agency website

The first thing you’ll notice is a significant difference in the Domain Rank (DR) primarily because creates great content and gets quality links from other websites.


There is a saying that the 5 people you associate with will be your average weight, income, and relationship status. The same goes with Google’s algorithm. Keep close to high authoritative websites and if you need help getting links, watch this.

2. Content

Content is my all-time favorite ranking factor because it eliminates the SEO’s who rely on paying for links. While you can definitely pay for content, it is very expensive and takes real-life thoughts to come up with great content.

In fact, B2B marketing companies recently announced that their average spends for content marketing has risen to 33% of their budget in 2016. That is an incredible number and it’s risen because top SEO’s understand that content marketing will be future of how Google determines websites ranking in the algorithm.

The great thing about content is that you can increase your websites rankings without having a bunch of links. How is this possible? Well if you look at the search term result “Naugatuck SEO” you’ll notice that my brand new SEO agency website ranks on the maps:

Search Engine Optimization ranking factors in 2018

Develomark does not have a mass amount of links, in fac, the image above of a backlink profile using Ahrefs was my website. Whats interesting is if you look at the results below the map you’ll notice several companies with a massive amount of links pointing to their website:

SEO factors 2018

What makes the difference in these rankings? I can assure you that it is on-page optimization and the content behind the  page. Another great example is the keyword, “Waterbury immigration bail bonds”

SEO factors for ranking in 2018

You’ll notice that the URL “247vipbailbonds” ranks two times because of their on-page content. Obviously 247vipbailbonds does not have more backlinks than, but it provides much better content.

The post includes a video, plenty of text, and even an infographic. Google is seeing this as a must have for rankings and it’s clear why this site will rank first for that keyword.

how to crush on-page content

So you know it’s important but how can you make sure you make content that will benefit your SEO. Well, the best place to start is by going over to

Buzzsumo will tell you what’s popular in your niche and then you can create content that is better.

A good example would be if your competitor has content like “25 best dog toys in 2018“, try making content like “100 best dog toys in 2018“.

This will give you a few advantages for not only getting back-links but also for ranking your page.

Also here are some quick tips on On-Page Optimization

  • Use a minimum of 3,000 characters
  • Create a YouTube video around your content
  • Design an Infographic around your content
  • Get real-life examples and case studies
  • Find well-researched topics and link out to them
  • Head over to to create short videos

This should help you become the content king in your niche. As a good example, go look at Neil Patel’s blogs. Every post is well thought out and is packed with insightful data that you can use to immediately start getting more traffic to your posts.

3. Video

YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine. Yet, it is the world largest underutilized search engine.

With this in mind, why aren’t more people creating YouTube content?

This is actually a benefit for you because, in the top 2018 SEO ranking factors, YouTube appears to be number 3.

Google owns YouTube and for that reason alone you should start looking at the platform as a great option for SEO. In an article published on viral video KC, they explain the importance of it. But you really only need to know one reason

Google prioritizes youtube videos

Did you know that you can rank a YouTube video right on the first page of Google? So what do you think happens when you embed the YouTube video onto your website?

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For the search term, “how to create a Facebook ad 2017” here are the results of the search:


As you can see a video shows up as the first result because of the nature in “how to”. Now what if you embedded that video onto a page on your website that was titled, “Facebook Advertising For Beginners”?

You’re more likely to rank that page than other websites without the video.

For best results make sure your video is yours and it is unique. Your best bet is to embed the video on to your website because then you would also get more views depending on your websites traffic.

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