How to rapidly build backlinks to your site

Hey there, Ruan from DeveloMark and today we are talking all about SEO. SEO is the process of achieving higher search engine rankings in return for more free traffic to your website.

So, with that being said how can your company ensure you have good SEO? One way is by getting quality backlinks pointing to your site from other blogs/companies. So how can you get these backlinks? In this article, i’m going to show you 3 concrete strategies on getting more relevant links to your site.

In Google’s eyes, they look at the backlinks of your site in a few different ways. Here are the angles you need to be aware of:

  • Link Quality (The quality of the site pointing to you)
  • Link Relevancy (How relevant is the site pointing to you)
  • Link Velocity (How fast are you acquiring links?)

With this in mind, you can better craft your backlinking strategy and you’ll even have a clear picture by the end of this article. So let’s look at what determines websites “Link Quality” before we dive into my 3 strategies.

According to MOZ, the quality of a website is determined from a scale of 1-100. This is called Domain Authority. A link from a site with a domain authority of 100 is better than a site with a domain authority of 30. Look at Google’s for example:

Securing a link to your site from Google would be much more effective than securing a link from a spammy casino site with a low domain authority.

Okay, so … we know now what sites to look for, how can we find sites that are relevant to our niche? And how can we get consistent backlinks from those websites? I’m excited to show you my 3 strategies (p.s make sure your marketer is reading this).

Strategy 1: Manual Outreach To Niche Specific Blogs

This is outright one of the most effective ways to acquire links fast. Outreach in nutsell looks like this, you have a candle company; you write blogs for your candle company. You find other blogs with high domain ranks and do a manual outreach to those other blogs requesting a guest blog post. The beauty of this is you build a relationship with other blogs quickly and effectively. Here are some things to consider before you outreach:

  • Don’t just send a templated email, use a personal email to the blogger and build rapport before asking for a guest post
  • Make sure your article you are pitching to your guest blogger has not been covered yet, (you will just sound stupid).
  • If you suck at writing, use iwriter to get articles written for you or if you’re strapped for time.

Iwriter is a great tool, and I recommend setting aside a budget per month to get articles written. It lets you describe exactly what you want, and it gets delivered to your inbox fully written, fully edited, and most important… fully hands-off:

So now that you have articles written and ready to submit for guest articles, how can you find blogs that will accept guest articles? In my business, we use Guest Post Tracker. This tool allows you to find sites in your niche, that allows guest blog posts:

Once you’re in you can then filter down by a niche:

And once you filter down by niche, you can then see the sites that will accept blog posts and even see their submission page… I know, WOAH!:

In Conclusion: Google wants you to write quality content. Do it. Spend the cash on quality content and feed it into your site and other sites. Google will notice, and reward your website with a bunch of free traffic.

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Strategy 2: Look At Your Competitors Backlinks

This is my favorite strategy for getting fresh links. Why? Because if someone is already writing content for a competitors site, in the same niche, why wouldn’t they write it for your site?

So how do we find our competitors backlinks so we can start the outreach process?

We use a tool called ahrefs which in turn allows us to SPY on a competitors links. Using their search function, you can easily type in a domain and quickly see a competitors links:

Once you’ve searched for the domain you can then click “backlinks” and quickly see their links and even the domain of where the link is coming from:

This gives you the power to actually outreach to that website and ask for a guest post.

PRO tip: if you’re having trouble finding the webmasters email, use to quickly find all relevant emails of that domain. An example of my site is shown below:

This will give you the right information to do your outreach and have a better chance of getting a response.

Strategy 3: Whats Trending & Write About It

Every SEO knows of (an influencer marketing tool) and its capabilities. But where SEO’s are not looking, is Google Trends. Google trends essentially allows you to see whats trending in your niche. Take a look below at the keyword “vegan”:

This data shows you how the keyword is trending over the last 5 years. So, based on the trend upwards, would it be a smart option to write about vegan topics on your blog? Probably. This strategy can be used for any type of keyword and is very effective for getting ranked on Google News.


SEO is made out to be very “difficult” but in reality, it is just hard work and not difficult. Don’t let your SEO agent fool you into thinking it is something you cannot do because you can. The most important part, backlinking, has just become easy to you because of this article. I hope you take this information and implement it today. But, in case you do need help… you can head right over to to get a one-on-one time with me.

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