How to sell more online marketing courses 2018

When I started digital marketing I could never imagine starting an online marketing course. It was only a few months ago I was investing thousands of dollars into courses and I always had wished that someone had shown me a little bit behind the scenes.

See what I mean here:

Anyways, I started by recording videos on SEO and quickly made a quick series. Then, I started recording SEO conversations with clients, friends, and some of my students.

So now that I have content, I can create a full info product that is ready to give someone some serious value.

But there is always a catch, how I am going to get traffic to my sales landing page. You can’t have sales without traffic, it doesn’t add up.

So how can you get traffic for free when you’re a broke 23-year-old entrepreneur like myself?

Here are three ways I plan to drive traffic to my online marketing course:

1. YouTube traffic is a gold mind: In every description of your video, you can add your link to drive free traffic from youtube. The more videos that you create the more traffic you will receive.

2. Instagram profile link: In Instagram, you can drive targeted traffic from your page to your sales landing page of your online marketing course.

3. Using a Facebook Business Page – on your Facebook business page you can create videos and run engagement ads. Engagement ads are paid advertisements through Facebook that allow you to reach your audience.

In Conclusion

You can start with paid advertising but you’re going to have a much harder time. Starting with cold traffic is never a good idea when selling your online marketing course

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