Pay Per Click Advertising

Getting targeted website visitors is no longer difficult to do. The internet has made it easy for small businesses to get paid visitors to a website by simply paying for traffic.

Google PPC (pay per click) is a strategy in which you can bid on keywords in the search engines. Google PPC is an exceptional service because:

  • Your SEO might not have kicked in yet
  • Your Local SEO area may be very competitive
  • You want to bid on additional keywords or a competitors brand name

By running Google PPC ads, you can get clicks to your website by paying a small fee per keyword.

Here is how it works…

Say you’re a lawyer in West Hartford and someone types in “lawyers west Hartford” into Google.

With Google PPC ads, your listing appears at the top of the result as a “sponsored ad” and the user clicks on your result

Your business pays for the click and you now have a chance to convert your website visitor into a customer.

Although this may sound easy, it is extensive management if you want a highly optimized PPC campaign. This is why we recommend letting the pros manage your local PPC campaign.

PPC campaigns need to be continually optimized as bid prices change from day to day. DeveloMark as an agency bids on the keywords for you by doing extensive research on your competitors and checking to see for which terms they are bidding.

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  • Transparent communication 
  • Lowest cost per click per industry standard 
  • Monthly performance reporting 
  • Ongoing campaign optimization 
  • Google certified team of experts 
  • In house service, never outsourced 
  • No contracts 
  • You set the monthly budget 
  • Google LSA knowledgable 
  • Custom landing pages that convert 
  • Customer support each and every month 


Using a keyword planner, the Develomark staff starts off our pay per click campaign by finding the keywords people are most likely searching for. These keywords can be discovered by using keyword research tools provided by Google. Once we find the keywords we want to aim for, we then place them on a list and begin the bidding process to start getting impressions and clicks.


When someone clicks on your ads there is a possibility that you can waste money by showing the user an irrelevant ad. For example an auto dealership advertising for “cars for sale”, wouldn’t want to appear for “cars for sale jobs and careers”. The careers keywords have nothing to do with car sales therefore it is a waste of a click and impression. Negative match keywords ensure they don’t pop up


Your PPC campaign is nothing without a landing page built for conversions. Throughout your campaign, our team will design a landing page that matches your brand and compliments your PPC efforts. The more holes we fix in the bucket, the farther your money goes in your pay per click efforts. Work with a full service digital agency that can handle the whole service. 

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