1. SEO Explained For Beginners


Introduction to SEO This is the digital era, everything is changing and online presence has never been more important, especially for businesses. Because everyone and anyone who wants to make money online realizes the importance of a good Internet campaign, the race and competition for visibility have become the key to digital success. In the simplest of terms, to achieve success, any online campaign needs be able to draw attention and traffic. To gain this attention and draw traffic, a campaign needs to have a website that ranks high on search sites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube…etc.


This raises the question: how then can websites and businesses rank high on search sites?


In order to achieve high rankings and be on top of search sites whenever a search is performed, an online campaign or website needs to implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Search Engine Optimization is the basis of online presence, it does not matter what kind of campaign a business is running, websites, blogs, videos, social posts…etc. All these different types of campaigns need SEO for visibility on the Internet, it is through this visibility otherwise known in internet terms as “impressions” that a campaign can attract traffic or visitors and hopefully convert part of that traffic into sales.


Search Engine Optimization Defined


Search Engine Optimization is a method of setting up a website so that search sites can index it and rank it high whenever a search is initiated using a keyword or phrase associated with the website. Google is the most popular and most used search site right now; every website should be optimized to rank as high as possible in order to attract as much traffic as possible. Most companies and internet marketers are content with appearing on the first page of google search results, but the ultimate goal is being at the very top of those results without paying for ads.


Understanding the principles of SEO


The first thing to understand about SEO is that optimization does not happen overnight, it takes some time from the point of optimization to eventually see the results on search engines. However, when the optimization process is followed accordingly it is possible to watch as the concerned website climb up the search engine results. SEO aims to predict how search engines analyze websites and how the websites are then ranked on the results page. The process of analyzing websites by search engines is called indexing, there are different factors that are used to index a website. The most used search engine, Google, uses special software known as robots and spiders to gather relevant information on websites. The data collected is then used to determine how useful and relevant the information contained in a website is to the users. An algorithm is then used to rank websites whenever a search is performed by a user.


The factors used to index websites by search sites include:


  • Key phrases and Keyword density


  • Number and quality of links contained in a website


  • Website traffic


  • Behavior of visitors on a website


  • Value of the website to the visitors


  • Bounce rate


  • Engagements with social sites


So when performing search engine optimization on a website, it’s the above-mentioned factors that are targeted and manipulated so search sites like Google can conclude that the website is very useful and relevant for the concerned search word or phrase. This way, the website will be ranked as high as possible on the results page and attract more traffic.


SEO for Google ranking


Since Google is the most used search engine worldwide, it makes sense for websites to optimize with the goal of ranking high up on Google’s search results pages. The only challenge here is that Google often updates and switches around its algorithms so websites do not manipulate and work their way up the search results page even though they are not very useful to the searching users.


Basically, SEO for Google ranking uses the same factors described above but in different ways. Google’s algorithm prioritizes websites that have valuable information or services to the users, meaning high-quality websites will rank higher than low-quality websites. Important SEO tips There is a lot of published material on SEO in different ways but the bottom line is usually the same: the most important tip when it comes to the topic is SEO is that engaging wins.


A website has to impress and satisfy its visitors. Satisfied visitors will share the website through social media and other platforms and they do not stop there, they will probably bookmark the website so they can come back another time. Search engines notice this kind of activity and reward the website concerned by ranking it high on the results page. Therefore, the ultimate SEO goal for a website is to build high-quality relations with visitors through posting incredible, relevant and useful content.


So in summary, a website is said to be search engine optimized if it contains high-quality content with useful links, has good use of relevant keywords, and above all engages the visitors and keeps them on the site for as long as possible. When this typical scenario has been achieved then SEO goals have been met.











  1. Email Marketing, the traditional form of digital marketing



Internet marketing is probably one of the fastest growing industries to date and many innovative marketers are getting in on it. It provides extra income to some people, and to other people who take it seriously it actually becomes an occupation. Many new marketers who join this evergreen industry often wonder how the leading marketers make it, they wonder how they make 6 figure incomes just like that without even working hard for it.


Well, the truth is you can also do it, it’s pretty simple. You have to work hard in the beginning to build a strong and fruitful base on which your internet marketing career will be based on. This process involves a number of tactics among them email list building strategies, a topic that we are going to discuss in full detail.


You have probably heard a lot about email marketing, most people have. In fact, I can tell you for a fact that you have been part of an email marketing list. Email lists are very popular and they are the key to taking your affiliate career to greater heights. By reading through this article you will learn how to create a mailing list that converts. We will discuss the best way to build email lists and provide you with a number of email list building strategies to boost your affiliate sales.


The place of email lists in email marketing


Email marketing is just another form of marketing, it is basically the same as Social media marketing, content marketing etc. That is why email marketing fits in very well with affiliates. You see, unlike content marketing and social media marketing, email marketing provides direct contact between a marketer and the email list subscribers. Furthermore, the subscribers in the email are put together through special selective methods in what is called targeted email lists. This simply means that the person who builds the email list applies certain tactics to capture emails of real people who are interested in a particular topic.


Targeted email lists are made up of interested subscribers who are most likely to open and read emails and even respond or interact with the message. This is very useful in converting subscribers into buyers or clicks. That is why email marketing provides more conversions than other conventional methods of online marketing. Because of the high conversion rate provided by email marketing, most leading affiliates often build targeted email lists to reach out to interested parties and promote their affiliate products. Unlike back in the day when email marketing first started, these days the process of building targeted lists is much simpler, there are list building tools that can be used to build and manage a functional email list.


List building for internet marketing


One thing you will notice when building lists are that getting and growing a list is not that challenging once you get the hang of it. What is challenging, however, is getting the list to work with your internet marketing campaign. That is why it is important to condition your list for internet marketing campaigns from the onset. Here is how to create a mailing list that works for internet marketing:


Make sure that your email list building strategies are targeting subscribers who are interested in your niche. Building a list just for the sake of numbers will not work, your subscribers have to have an interest in your subject otherwise you are just wasting your time.


Keep your list active. That is the golden rule when it comes to email marketing. You have to constantly send valuable messages to your list, do not let them forget you but do not spam them. Send them messages that matter without promoting your products all the time.


Be valuable to your list, do not let them ignore you. To do this you can send them reviews of your niche relevant products and services. These can be your reviews or reviews by other authority sites. Make your subscribers feel like you care for them, this way they will trust you and consider any products that you recommend.


Respond to any messages or questions that your subscribers send to you







  1. Top ways to use Facebook live video for your business



Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast live videos via your mobile device, to all your Facebook followers, fans and friends. When this platform was first launched, it was limited to verified users and pages only, but Facebook has since opened it to the public, meaning people like you and me can use it anytime.


As the name itself suggests, the videos are LIVE meaning they are being streamed to your friends and followers in real time. You have the option to save the videos to your timeline so they can be accessible to people who missed the live stream or want to re-watch the feed.


Why is Facebook Live important to your business?


You might be asking yourself why you need to know about Facebook live videos and how they can be of use in marketing your business. Take a minute to think about social media and its influence on the community. Imagine how many people use Facebook today.


The most important feature about Facebook live videos is that whenever you go live, all your Facebook friends and followers will get a notification that you are streaming live. This alone goes a long way in ensuring that your customers and followers are always informed on your live videos and do not miss the stream because they did not know. In the event that they did miss the live stream, a saved copy of the video and be made available on your timeline and your website. In fact, the post live streaming video can be used for a number of marketing strategies including product launch and promotion. It’s a really good way of linking back to the website and increasing traffic.


Since live streaming is all about engaging and interacting with your audience in real-time, businesses can use this feature to break down barriers and reach out to the public in a very unique and effective way. This alone breaks all marketing limitations and allows entrepreneurs to tap into a very versatile source of advertising. If you own a business, you can use Facebook Live to boost your business in a number of innovative and engaging ways, including:


Real-time Promotions and Contests


We have seen a lot of pages offering gifts for likes and things like that. Facebook Live kicks the gears up a notch; you know how they hold contests on TV and radio? Well, you can do the same with live videos. The comments function allows you to speak directly to the audience. Therefore you could ask them to do certain tasks or answer easy questions related to your brand. Remember whatever it is that you ask of your audience always keep it light and fun.


Alternatively, you could use the live videos to announce a contest and lead the viewers to your page and website. If your business requires you to collect email addresses and form lists, you can very well use this feature to put in place your strategy. Always collect customer data during these contests as they will help you fine-tune your marketing strategies and possibly improve on them.


Live interviews


This one mostly concerns event planners, coaches, and other similar business. Host exclusive one-on-one interviews with interesting personnel on your Facebook page. If you promote music shows and concerts then an “impromptu –like” interview with the performer would definitely excite the audience. Life coaches can bring in influential speakers or past clients to come and talk to the audience. The ultimate strategy is to have these interviews on recurring days and time. That way your followers will always schedule their time and make sure they tune into your special broadcasts. Depending on your goals and business, one interview per week would be more than enough to generate a solid interest and following.


Personal face time


You as a business owner can schedule personal face time with the audience and use the platform to answer questions, give some scoop on upcoming products and even get feedback on your business. If you have interesting and inspiring stories to share you can go for it. The nature of this kind of broadcast is casual-to-personal but always keep the content relevant to your business. You can always bring in some guests to add more diversity to the videos. Ask friends, co-workers, etc. to come and host the video with you, as long as they bring a fresh perspective and can keep the videos interesting.


Responding to comments and questions


Through the comments section available during live streaming, customers can ask questions concerning your product. You can bring in someone to stand as your customer care personnel so they can respond to the comments live and direct. If you happen to get questions sometime after you’ve published your post, you can always share a replay of your Live video.


Author information:


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SEO Strategist


Ruan manages SEO services for clients in CT. While managing clients, Ruan is always learning the best ways to give his clients a competitive edge in the search results.

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