our best restaurant facebook ads in 2017

With the new year coming up, we look back and see what our best restaurant Facebook ads were in 2017.

Facebook advertising is becoming a crucial part of marketing, so it’s important that you check out some proven Facebook ads for restaurants. These are ads you can implement immediately in your marketing plan and a guaranteed to get results.

Hi, my name is Ruan from DeveloMark and today we’re going to be going go over  Facebook marketing for restaurants and the best restaurant Facebook ads we’ve run in 2017.

best restaurant facebook ads

If you have never created a Facebook ad, I suggest you learn a little bit about it before we begin. Furthermore, you can receive Facebook ads training from Facebook here.

Let us begin,

#1: The “Hot Potato” Giveaway

This Facebook marketing strategy was given to me by a friend of mine and it is brilliant. It works like this; give away a gift card of some sorts in exchange for comments.

best restaurant facebook ads





This restaurant Facebook ad was able to rack up more than 224 comments in no time. The ad ran for a few days and we were able to get massive traction by doing a small giveaway.

Every time someone commented, we used a chatbot to go out and personally start a conversation with the people in the comments section.

You can use this strategy for almost any type of ad, and it proves results everytime we run it.

#2: Keeping a consistent offer

The best restaurant Facebook ads are the ones that keep consistent throughout the news feed.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, when you’re creating a marketing plan for a restaurant we always recommend that you stick to one offer on social media.

This will give your audience a clear vision as to what your restaurant is offering. If you’re offering and posting too many things on Social media, your Facebook marketing for your restaurant can become confusing.

You are selling food, not a strange item like award ribbons. So when you make an offer, make it good.

Want to see an example of an offer?

facebook marketing for restaurants












As you can see we had a very strong offer when we created our posts.

The restaurant kept on pumping this offer throughout the month and in turn, received new customers.

Here are the offers we seen for the best restaurant Facebook ads:

  • Buy one get one
  • Buy one get one 50% off
  • Free appetizer with an entree
  • Free martini for birthdays
  • Free dessert for birthdays

Anything that makes your client want to come in because they’re being rewarded is a good offer.

A 10% discount off of an item on the menu is not a good offer. Always remember that there are millions of people on Facebook so it is your job to catch their attention.

Keeping a consistent Facebook ad with a good offer led to 292 vouchers redeemed according to WooBox

best restaurant facebook campaigns



#3: Creating compelling videos that tell a story

As a video production company, we are obliged to say this. But it is so true, the best restaurant Facebook ads are video.

Everything from engagement, to cost is drastically lowered when using Facebook’s video views objective.

But what if you don’t have the budget to hire a video production company for your restaurant?

You can start by using tools like RIPL, Animoto, and many other animation tools to make this possible.

Although those tools are great, they don’t beat a professionally produced video for your restaurant.

Videos tell a story, and stories have been used since the prehistoric times. Point is, they work.

Facebook social media restaurants


















A more visual post of a restaurant will get more users into your establishment.

A great example of a Restaurant video ad we made can be found below:


As you can see the post was engaging and provided a clear picture and story of the restaurant.


Best restaurant facebook ads conclusion:

In conclusion, your best restaurant Facebook ads all start with either a:

  • Story
  • An offer
  • Or a contest

This is the heart of marketing, especially the story part.

If you want to learn more about how DeveloMark can help you with your restaurants social media marketing strategy, drop us a line

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