Want to drive your competitors crazy? In a competative nature it can seem like your competition is showing up everywhere you go and everywhere you search. This this short post, we’re going to be covering 10 ways to crush your competitors online and literally drive them crazy. This post derives from some of the methods that we use to ensure our clients have a competative edge online agains their competitors.

1. Implement Search Engine Optimization

There really can’t be a better way to compete online, SEO changes businesses and how they operate forever. The search platform gives you leads at no cost allowing you to predictably scale unlike any other marketing strategy. But what exactly can you do that is different than what your competitors are doing? The answer is to stay up to date on search engine optimization news and information – we recommend you head over to search engine journal, and our presidents YouTube channel to keep up to date with what is working in search. If you’re already engaged in search, try to implement the following strategies commonly found in aggressive search engine optimization campaigns:

  • Create consistant content targeting keyword phrases and follow a distribution method for maximum visability
  • Get social, use social media to drive traffic back to your website igniting Google’s social signals
  • Obtain backlinks, get featured on different blogs, podcasts, resources, videos, news sites and other website to get some quality links pointing back to your website.

2. Create an FAQ page on your website 

FAQ pages are excellent forms of content because of Google’s Q/A snippets. Answering commonly asked questions in your industry not only rank in the search engine, but it also gives your viewer/visitor a chance to test your expertise. It is likely if your in a local market, your competitors are not utilizing an FAQ page. Create one by finding out what your customers often want to know about your services the most, make it into a list and answer them on a webpage visitors can see.

3. Get more reviews, way more reviews 

Reviews demonstrate how credible your business or service is – the more reviews you have the more customers vouch for your business. Customer tend to go to a business with higher rated reviews because it generally means there is a better experience. The same is true when it comes to competitors, it will drive them crazy to see you with more reviews. But how exactly can you get more reviews? Should you ask your friends and family to leave you reviews? Should you pay for reviews to boost the system? No, the best way to get reviews is by analyzing your current customer service, product delivery, and customer satisfaction. Once you have those dialed in, you can create a review system to get your numbers up. You can read here on how to generate more reviews for your business engaging in an online reputation management campaign.

4. Implement pay per click on their brand name keyword 

Google ads allows you to bid for keywords people are searching for in Google, including names of businesses and brands. This means you can display an ad every time your customer searches for your competitor. This is effective in verticals that have popular products or services to intercept traffic of a customer who may have considered the other company previously. To do so, launch your pay per click dashboard in Google ads, bid for thier brand name using exact match [keyword].

5. Start a YouTube channel and create an audience 

Many people know of Gary V online as a “social media influener”, but in reality he is a business mongul using popular social media platforms to grow his own business. You can do the same and it is likely your competitor is not doing this. More than 500 millions hours are watched on YouTube each and every day, those stats cannot be ignored. YouTube used to be a small platforms that some people would have but today it is becoming something you must have. It is a major competative advantage if you know how to use it right. Start by creating content that your audience may be interested in, refrence your FAQ to get started.

6. Take high quality images of your business 

No one likes a website with stock images, people can smell that from a mile away. Using high quality images gives your business the trust that your potential customers want to see. By giving them a deeper look inside of your business it pushed them over the edge to contact you. You don’t have to be a photographer to take high quality images of your business and when you do, ensure to upload them to different accounts online such as Linkedin, your google listing, yelp listing, social media accounts, website, and include the images on your marketing collateral if you have any.

7. Use remarketing campaigns to get visitors back to your website 

Remarketing is a great method to get website visitors to come back to your website. Using tools like the Facebook pixel and the Google pixel, you can follow around your “target customers” and even your competitors by showing them ads on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and much more. Remarketing is done best with an optimal search engine optimization campaign due to the seacrhers intent when visiting the website.

8. Create a remarkable website design 

There is no better way to show someone you mean business than creating a remarkable website. A responsive website that looks good on mobile and desktop is the key to a businesses success online and your comeptitors will hate you for that. Create a website that helps people, satisfies the searchers intent, and add as much branding and custom content to it as possible. Doing so will give your visitors and competitors a sense of what your business means. Use call to action forms, sales funnels, branded colors, logos, custom graphics and more to show who you are to your prospective buyer. When optimizing your website ensure to use SEO optimizination so your customers can find your new website through search.

9. Buy a sign with an optimal logo

Buying a sign is a major form of marketing that is ever lasting and generally yields a major return on investment for brands and businesses. When you buy a sign you’re telling your audience that you mean serious business. In fact a recent study showed that signs are the most effective ways to market based on a survey. You can generate a ton of eye balls, word of mouth, and social media attention and hype by investing in an LED sign for your business. We have seen signs generally cost $6,000 – $20,000 for most small businesses we have worked with.

10. Get trusted seals and badges to display on site  

There are many directory websites in your vertical that provide a seal of trust given that you have positive reviews. Trust seals are snippets of code that you can plance on your website to demonstrate your membershp or positive reviews. For example, if you sign up for the BBB you get a badge that you can display on your website to demsontrate your membership with the directory. If you’re a contractor you would then use something such as Home Advisor, Angieslist, and other directories including YELP.

Want to stay competative online? 

We have some great ideas that we can share with you when it comes to winning online against your competition. If we were to list everything up our sleaves this list would be way longer, we would rather show you custom tailored to your business. Schedule a phone call with our team to learn more about a custom tailored digital strategy for your business. We look forward to hearing from you and alternativley invite you to read about digital marketing over at our blog.

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