Branded Anchor Text: The Secret To Link Building 

When building backlinks for SEO, it is important to create branded anchor text in your backlink profile. A “branded anchor text” is simple when a site references your website using your brand name. Furthermore, There are a few variations of this like the following:

Below are a few examples of a branded anchor text:

  • DeveloMark” – pure brand anchor referencing my website
  • Hire a professional like DeveloMark” – this is the brand name inside of a phrase highlighted as an anchor text
  • SEO Agency – DeveloMark, LLC” – this is an example of your target keyword associated with your brand

These are just a few examples of branded anchor texts. They serve the purpose of getting your brand name familiar with Google. SEMRUSH (popular SEO tool), states that having a brand name in the anchor text is critical to SEO performance.

How To Check Your Branded Anchor Text 

If you’re curious to see exactly how to check your branded anchor text, you can start by heading over to any SEO tool that allows you to see backlinks and anchor text.

For me, I like to use ahrefs when searching to see what my backlinks are and what the anchors are. Here is an example screenshot of me crawling through the backlinks on our website:

doing a report on ahrefs to check and see if you can see anchor texts for your backlinks

To the left of the dashboard, you will quickly see the option to search through your “anchors”, click on that to see how other websites referenced your website.

image of current anchor text phrases through my backlink portfolio From this list, you’ll be able to find all of the anchor phrases on your website. You should have a healthy amount of branded mentions on Google and also want to ensure your backlink portfolio is not over optimized with keywords.

Because of Google’s Penguin algorithm, you will get a penalty for over-optimized anchor texts. According to Gotch SEO, Nathan recommends that 70% of your anchor texts should be branded to effectively rank in Google.

How To Get More Branded Anchor Text 

Fortunately, most publications that reference your website will use a branded anchor text. But, if your backlink profile is over optimized and you feel you’re receiving a penalty from Google, you can reach out to your current link mentioned and request a change of anchor text.

For example, if someone linked out to you with – you may want to change it to Cumulative Marketing – Glasgow SEO

The smart thing to do is to continue to do white hat link building for your content.

In Conclusion 

As Google becomes smarter as a search engine, it starts to see the human parts of the search engines. If a brand is continuously mentioned, it will associate the website with far more authority. In essence, Google needs to build your brand online by repetition of mentions from other websites.

When link building, avoid using anchor texts such as (using my website for example):

  • Professional SEO agency
  • SEO marketing agency
  • Connecticut SEO agency

Instead, you should be building backlinks with anchor texts such as:

  • DeveloMark – SEO Agency
  • DeveloMark
  • DeveloMark Marketing

It will give your backlink profile a much cleaner look. If you want to learn more about social media marketing and search engine optimization, ensure to visit our blog page to see other posts.

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