The market today requires a more digitized focus on marketing and reaching out to potential patients through internet searches. As the year’s progress, the use of search engines for dental practices continue to grow. It only takes a moment to open the search engine, type in a few keywords, and be provided. In a post we created recently, we mentioned the top 7 local SEO search engine ranking factors for 2018.

Gaining New Patients

SEO Dentist searches are utilized most often with potential patients who are dependent on their smartphones. As the digital age continues to prosper, so will the need for smartphones, and access to search engines. When potential patients attempt to search for a new dentist when their previous one retires or proves not to be a match, have those patients search and find your office. Since most of the searches in Google are taken by the top results, your practice needs to engage in a dental SEO campaign.

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Keywords, Content, and Backlinks For Dental SEO

When searching the internet, patients will utilize certain words or phrases to locate your dentist office. SEO Dentist is as strong as its keywords, and they should be approximately ten to twenty words that describe all components of your office.

  • Where is your Dentist office located?
  • Do you have specialized services?
  • Who are your dentist referral partnerships?
  • Who are your dentists?
  • Are you associated with any other medical facilities or practices?

Doing a thorough keyword research report will allow you to appear in the search engines for your desired phrases. Over 50% of the keywords typed into a Google search engine has 4 or more words. These are called long tail keywords, and for a dentist they mean everything. You can learn more about long tail keywords by heading over to Ubbersuggests and doing a simple keyword search:

keyword research for a dental practice

Long tail keywords usually have a lower SEO difficulty meaning they are easier to rank for with your practice. They tend to have a lower search volume but it’s made up in the higher conversions you will receive from the long tail phrases. If you’re looking for an SEO guide, I highly recommend you check out this one on our website.

Content Marketing For Your Practice 

When developing a website, you need it to be mobile-friendly and have sufficient content. The content found within your site must include these keywords in order to have your link populated in the Dentist SEO. It is essential to have content that is precise and to the point, as well. Using the keyword research you have done, create an article covering a topic that focuses on a specific keyword.

For example, for one of our clients, we wrote an article that covered the top three things you need to know about dental hygiene. The primary keyword we were targeting was “dental hygiene” based on analyzing the keyword research data. Your content should be informative and filled with information covering the topic you’re referencing.

If you’re reading this article you can see that the content is informative and serves the purpose of our target keyword, “dental SEO”. This type of content puts me in front of hundreds of dentists that want to learn how to do SEO for their practices. Your dental practice can do the same but targeting customers that are looking for Invisalign.

How To Obtain Relevant Dental Backlinks

When you provide content and factual information, it is essential to use backlinks in the content. Simply put, backlinks are links that connect your site to another. This will provide the potential patient a quick access to the original information source, to ensure the credibility and popularity of the sites in which you are linking. Utilizing credible and national dental backlinks will improve the credibility of your site to the potential patient, and have them reaching out for an appointment.

The DeveloMark team assists clients in receiving high-quality links from relevant websites that provide a massive SEO advantage. Backlinks give your website the power that it needs to start ranking your keywords. Although you may have created the content necessary to start ranking your keywords, you now need the necessary power flowing through your website to get first page rankings.

If there is one competitive advantage that our team has over other digital marketing is that we make backlinks a priority for our campaigns. We have found backlinks to be the number one ranking factor for the hundreds of websites we have seen and analyzed. If you’re being outranked by a competitor you may need more backlinks to compete. A great way to check how many backlinks your website has is by entering into a tool such as ahrefs and seeing your referring domains:

how to check how many backlinks that you have

You can also use a tool such as Google Search Console to check for backlinks but we have seen ahrefs to be much more accurate. Google Search Console takes too much time to update when checking backlinks that is why we recommend using ahrefs or a tool such as majestic when conducting backlink analysis.

Dental Directories

Having a profile in an online directory will also enhance your Dentist SEO for potential patients. A national directory such as Dentist Directory allows your office to upload a free basic listing of your office. In the state of Connecticut, local dentists can be searched through the Connecticut State Dental Association. Joining an accredited directory can only enhance your SEO and your office credibility.

The (NAP) Name, address, and phone number are a metric used by Google to decide on the rankings of a website. Your NAP must remain consistent, without duplicates, and highly optimized. If you have a Yelp account, for example, you can list your business and provide your name, address, and phone number fulfilling a NAP. The goal is to get as many relevant directories with the correct NAP data consistently displayed throughout Google.

Our team ensures this gets done for each and every dental SEO campaign by using a paid tool called yext. Yext allows our agency to accurately update our dental client’s information throughout the web without having to do the nitty-gritty work. Ultimately, the client wins because more time is spent on higher impact activities such as creating content and generating backlinks. If you want to learn more about your NAP score, take a look at Moz Local. You can enter in a local business and receive a score of how well that business is doing in terms of NAP throughout the web.

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Want Us To Do The Work For You?

Our team will work and build your content to amplify your office to the forefront of Dentist SEO searches. Let us assist you with your SEO platform and enhance your presence. Contact us here for a consultation today! We will provide you with a website audit on how you, your competitors, and identify long tail keyword opportunities for you to become more competitive in the marketplace. We are located in the greater new york area but service clients throughout the world.

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