Google My Business Announces Update To Add Queries To Listing Insights 

Google recently rolled out a feature where you can see search queries within your Google My Business listing. These queries are called, “Queries used to find your business” and they look something like this:

queries used to find your website or map listing

The reporting is said to provide you with what people are searching nearby. A Google spokesperson mentioned that this feature would be rolled out to the masses but for now, can’t be replicated, (Search Engine Land).

One may be wondering, how can I use this new feature to increase my local SEO traffic? Here are some actionable things you can do if you have the new update.

Update Your Keyword Density For Low List Terms

This is simple – if you have a term on the list that Google provides us and want to get it higher, consider adding your keyword in your content a few more times.

In my case scenario, I have the term “Connecticut SEO” ranking fifth on the list:

analyzing keywords used to find your businessAt this point, I may want to consider the following changes on my website that would allow searchers to find me more clearly for this term. I may want to consider:

  • Adding the keyword more times throughout my content
  • Add the target term into your title and meta description
  • Get more referring domains with the “exact match” term as the anchor

There are many ways to go about getting that term to move on the list, but those are just some. You can also visit this article on Google My Business map rankings if you’re starting from scratch.

How To Rid Off Inaccurate Google My Business Data 

But what if you’re getting search results that don’t make any sense? For example, my first search result is the keyword “7”.

sending feedback to google regarding google my business data

If you have inaccurate search results that make no sense, you can actually submit a ticket to Google letting them know. Here is how:

Start by clicking on “send feedback” within Google My Business

google maps inaccurate keyword research data

Once you click on it, you’ll be presented with an option like this:

reporting a problem for your search query results

Overall you should be able to send feedback and also see this in your Google My Business console.

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