Google Search Console Receives A Dashboard Makeover 

Google Search, made by Google has been the most dominant search engine with over 60% market share in The United States and over 80% in other markets such as The United Kingdom and Germany.

For this reason, Google search continues to be an important engine of sales and advertisement for marketers. Additionally, Google Search provides an important platform for content creators and makers as it provides a platform that has a deep audience reach.

Google Search Console Update 

In August 2017, Google announced a beta version of Google Search Console that was only available to a select few audiences.

In January 2018, Google rolled Google Search Console for everyone across the world. So, what is Google Search Console?

Previously known as Webmasters tool, Google Search Console is a tool that helps website owners analyze their site’s performance in relation to Google searches and views. Webmasters tool helps website owners view site analytics, clicks on links to the site, remove content, and so much more. Search console works for individuals working in local markets as well as national.

Google Search Console goes a step further than webmasters tool. It provides a clean and colorful interface that makes it easier for site owners to view a set of metrics with regards to their website.

Additionally, Google Search Console introduces a set of new features to enhance user experience and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization enhances online visibility of content such as websites, videos and so on. Basically, search engine optimization is a way of attracting more traffic to your site.

The following are some of the new features that the public should expect from the new Google Search Engine Console:

Search Performance

The analytics section provides important feedback to site owners. Google Search Engine console provides even more features.

They include comprehensive data about your website such as impressions; how your site is viewed, clicks to your site, average ranking position on the web, and up to 16 months of aggregated data related to your website. This is a huge step forward as compared to Webmasters tool.

Index Coverage

A detailed report with regards to site indexing. Web indexing is an index of contents. For example, if your website deals with fashion, your website is categorized into the fashion category and so on.

This is important because Google search results are based on the relevance of a search query. If a search query regards fashion the top results with are usually about fashion. Index coverage helps site owners debug and diagnose issues related with content index.

AMP Status

AMP refers to Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is an initiative that aims to help site owners to make their sites more mobile friendly. This is due to increased use of mobile phones as means of accessing information on the web.

AMP status helps site owners view how their sites appear on mobile sites. Additionally, site owners can monitor traffic to AMP pages. This information can help site owners tailor their sites to mobile users as opposed to desktop users.

Job Postings

Job Postings is a feature aimed at helping site owners to view and list jobs on their sites. This feature is already available on select markets.


In conclusion, Google Search Console provides significant changes to search engine optimization. It introduces more transparency as more data is now available with regards to websites. Additionally, Google went big on fixes as site owners have more options with regards to fixing errors. Finally, Google introduces a set of new features such as AMP and Jon Postings to improve the overall feel of sites and therefore attract more users to individual websites.

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