How Much Can I Earn With SEO? | Average SEO Wages 

You can earn on average, you can earn $150 – $250 per hour performing SEO services as a freelancer. Most agencies charge around $1,000 – $2,500 per month for local SEO. Prices range depending on the competition of the keywords and how many competitors are targeting the same term.

As an agency, you should charge accordingly to your social proof. If you have customer testimonials than you should charge the average SEO hourly wage of $203 based on the results you’ve brought in the past.

Your SEO Earnings Factors 

You can charge for your services based on experience. For example, if you’ve ranked multiple customers on the Google maps, you can show your prospective client this and charge what you’re worth.

Although, here are the factors that determine what you charge as an agency:

Testimonials – your clients are going to want to see your results. If you cannot prove results, I highly recommend you offer your first few clients a lower SEO hourly wage for services.

Social Proof – do you have current rankings? At DeveloMark, we understand that having active rankings really determines whether or not a company will end up hiring us.

Hours Worked – how long are you going to be working on the account? This is why you need to thoroughly understand the SEO process in detail so you can properly price your customers.

For maximum earnings with SEO, ensure that you don’t fall victim to those three ranking factors. By doing so, you’re at risk of making less money with SEO.

Is It Possible To Earn A Full-Time Income With SEO? 

Yes, you can make a full-time income with SEO in your first 6 months if you get clients for your business. Our agency is focused on income because it is very duplicatable. Just by getting more clients to sign up for our services allows all of our staff to have a full-time income.

The key to having the full-time income is by focusing on becoming an SEO expert in the following topics:

Regardless of the option that you choose, there is great earning potential for each of the categories. Rather than focusing in on the income, focus on exactly what it is you’re passionate about. For us, it is client SEO and YouTube marketing.

How To Get Started Earning An Income With SEO 

If you’re ready to get started earning an income using search engine optimization, you could always contact us. We hire SEO professionals all the time to take on work for our growing digital marketing agency.

If you would lie to receive consulting one on one to learn how to start a digital marketing agency, then you should head over to the website of Ruan M. Marinho to find consulting rates.




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