I’ve talked about this topic before but I know that you all like to see and discuss city page rankings. How can you gain a top search result for a specific area? Well I am going to tell you how we got the #1 ranking in Google search engine for “New York SEO” in UNDER 90 days AND we were able to keep it even after negative SEO attacks.

Too often people are advised not to go after larger keywords that they assume are hard to rank for. Well, I’m going to advise you differently. Go after that larger keyword and become the leader in it with a few tricks. What are those tricks you ask? Well lets take it one step at a time.

Step 1: Create Content Around That Keyword

When I went to rank for “New York SEO” I noticed that most of the first page results were nothing that I couldn’t outdo. They were typically spam type of results from different PVN network sites. So my first step was to begin by creating a page centered around the keyword you aim to rank for. Be sure that when you create this page you use the keyword  in the URL and title so that Google search engine can read my title tag and URL tag and pull my page for the results. You don’t have to go crazy by writing a book, our tactic was a simply 700 words of content because we noticed that the first page result for the keyword typically had around 1,000 words but when you write content you don’t want to just ramble on and be repetitive you want your content to be easy to read and useful. Be sure that you include your keyword in the most important places so not only in the title tag and URL but also as y our H1 tag and H2 tag. Don’t keyword stuff though, make it look natural and incorporate it into the title don’t just make it only your keyword.

Step 2: Build powerful Web 2.0s and Purchase Links

Even after all the hard work in step 1 I was only ranking on the 3rd page of search results for “New York SEO”. Although I wasn’t quite satisfied with that positioning  I already saw traffic coming on once the page was indexed. So my next step involved purchasing links from Fiverr such as guest posts. Once I purchased the links I had to build out Web 2.0s (Tumblr, WordPress blog, etc to build trust for the page I created. I simply linked from the web 2.0s to the New York SEO page URL. In total this cost me about $100 in link purchases. I didn’t mind spending this at all because I knew the ROI would pay off once I reached the first page of results.

Step 3: Make a Video 

I created a video centered around buying links from Fiverr and that Youtube video earned over 35,000 views. Those 35,000 viewers put me to the test by typing in New York SEO finding my results in the search engine and then clicking through to my site to see what I was doing on that page. What happened? Within ONE day I was now on the first page of Google search results. The takeaway here…it’s a popularity contest!

Step 4: Branded Clicks

As I mentioned, people were typing in my keyword to see where I was BUT they helped me out by using branded searches as well and instead of just “New York SEO” they would search for “New York SEO Develomark” so they would find my site and results immediately. To whoever you were, thank you! By doing this it indicates to Google that my site is an applicable result for the keyword.

Step 5: Internal Linking

Now that I have gained the positioning that I was aiming for I need to be able to keep it. I did so by sending internal relevancy links from other places on my site directly to that “New York SEO” page. At the end of every blog post I would note that we service the New York area and from there I would hyperlink that text directly to the “New York SEO” page. I did this because although I have my #1 spot, Google continuously tests you to make sure your page abides by what Google wants and if they don’t like what they see they have no problem dropping your ranking back down.

Step 6: Spam Competitors’ Backlinks

Your competitors are always going to try to one up you and bring you down. I avoided this by disavowing the spam backlinks from competitors in Ahrefs nd uploading the txt file into google Search Console thus solving that problem. Now you just have to keep up, maintain, and you can retain that #1 positioning.

Secret: Google’s TV Segment Effect

I mentioned before that everything is a popularity contest. Well in regards to TV, the more people watch a show, the more ads they can sell during it. Google works in the same way. So here’s your strategy. Tell your audience you will be creating a valuable piece of content and to keep an eye out for it. When people go to look for it they will search for it in Google and therefore allow you to have a higher reach. If your audience is searching for it and then click thorugh to your site for the content Google will reward you for having valuable content that visitors are interesting in and engaging with by raising you up in SERPs. 

There you have it….The step by step key to ranking success. If you want us to handle your marketing efforts, contact us today to see our approach when it comes to digital marketing. 

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