After years of depending on word of mouth or phone books to land new clients for your law firm, you’ve likely realized how risky this is today. While you’ve no doubt started a website, how do you know you’re really being found through a simple Google search?

If you’re still new to SEO, it’s time to use these four steps to help lawyers as you get started in becoming more discoverable online.

1. Write Engaging Content

SEO and compelling content are forever linked. They likely always will, though creating content your audience can engage with isn’t always easy. To create powerful SEO here, you have to think about keywords, especially longtail keywords.

Short-tail keywords are usually too generic. For example, using “personal injury attorney” is only going to place you on a long list of law firms that number in the thousands on Google.

Longtail keywords expand into a phrase, much like how voice search works. In fact, it’s a good idea to optimize your SEO toward voice searches since this is slowly becoming the norm.

Potential clients are going to try to find you on a mobile search. Think of unique phrases suitable for your legal firm. Place these into your content without keyword stuffing.

2. Legal Directories

Don’t overlook the power of legal directories to help your SEO. Many potential clients search these directories when researching law firms.

You’re more apt to get qualified leads from those who search through these. How do you find the best ones, though?

The best way to approach this is to search out legal directories that conform to your legal niche. Also look at how they categorize listings and how many categories they have. More specifics will help people be able to find you all the faster.

3. Acquire Valuable Backlinks

Using backlinks is a bit complex, though a necessary part of SEO. For law firms like yours, it’s important to look at the quality of your links.

Page authority is one thing to look at, but also consider the link’s position, site relevance, whether the links are “Do Follow”, and anchor text. Latter is taken very seriously by Google.

4. Optimize for Local Search

Local SEO has become a new focus for all companies. Being able to optimize your law firm to your local area will help people find you faster on a mobile search.

You do this by using proper localized keywords in your web content. Remember to include these words in titles, subtitles, and meta tags. This includes any imagery you use.

Signing up for Google My Business plays a big factor in helping your local SEO presence.

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