Have you ever thought about how your brand appears online? Go ahead, search Google for your brand name and see what pops up. The internet has made it very easy for a business to appear negatively online because of review websites such as YELP, Consumer Affairs, the BBB, the Ripoff Report and many more. Because of this, it is crucially important that you understand how to use online reputation management to protect your brand online.

In this short guide, I am going to reveal 18 ways to save your name online by using reputation management. These strategies will even work if you have a search result on the first page of Google that you want to be suppressed, such as a false review or a fake rip off report.

18 ways to use online reputation management for your business

DIY Online Reputation Management 

There are many SEO companies that may claim they can push down your results but in reality, you don’t need one to perform a successful online reputation management campaign. An SEO company is going to end up charging you thousands of dollars for something that is not guaranteed to ensure that if you are hiring an SEO agency, that you are confident in their results to successfully suppress any negative Google search results that you may not want appearing on the first page. If you’re going to go the DIY approach (which is what we recommend) you’re going to need to understand a few important things about a DIY online reputation management before engaging. Are some things to take note of when beginning your campaign:

  • You cannot erase a search result from Google you can only suppress it
  • This process is similar to SEO in a sense that it will take time get results
  • With these 18 steps you should be able to outrank almost anything in Google

So let’s get to the good part, the 18 ways you can use online reputation management to keep your name safe.

1. Register Your Domain Name

This has to be the easiest way to protect your name online. For example, if someone searched into Google for the keyword DeveloMark, they would see that the first search result is our name:

a screen shot of develomark branded search for online reputation management

This is because we purchased our domain name for our company and you should do the same too. Even if you’re not a company and want to secure your personal name I also highly recommend that. For example, I purchased the domain ruanmarinho.com to ensure when someone searches that into Google that website pops up.

2. Get Active On Linkedin 

Because Linkedin has such a high domain authority, it easily becomes a social profile that is quickly brought up to the top of the first page. Not only that, Linkedin is a great result for users to land on after searching your name, to do this, you’re going to need to create an active Linkedin account by posting frequently, once a week, to get your profile to rank on the first page of Google. Linkedin is a crucial part of the online reputation management process we follow here at DeveoMark.

image of ruan marinho in the google search for a screen shot of develomark branded search for online reputation management

3. Create A Map Listing For Your Business 

Is your business local? Does your business have a physical location? If it does I would highly recommend for you to get it listed in the Google maps. By doing this, your map listing will take up a large amount of space on the first page for your target keyword. When doing this it is important to use the keyword you’re trying to protect as the name for the Google map listing. Make sure that you’re listing becomes active by adding photos to it, getting positive customer reviews, replying to customer reviews, filling out all of the necessary business information, and going to extra mile to ensure you have a well optimized Google my business page.

an image of develomarks google my business

4. Create A Yelp Account For Your Business 

Yelp is one of the largest review websites in the world, it is currently the 8th largest website based on visitor traffic. With that being said it is easy to get a yelp listing to appear on the first page of Google with your brand name in it. Once your listing is active, start getting positive reviews on your listing and watch it pop up on the first page of Google in no time. Ensure that you optimize it with images, good reviews, and a nice owner description so you get preference within the Google search engine.

develomark screenshot of yelp site listing

5. Get Some Positive PR About Your Business 

If you’re going to be doing some DIY online reputation management, you may also want to consider getting a news outlet to give you positive PR. Not only will the positive PR help your business get brand awareness, but it will also appear on the first page of Google in no time with very little effort and SEO knowledge. To get the PR do something cool that a news reporter or local journalist would want to cover, a lot of time with could be events, giveaways, donations, sponsorships and much more. You can read an example of a press release our digital agency did once we hit the 1 year mark.

using press releases for seo benefit

6. Create A Glassdoor Account 

Does your company or brand have employees? Similar to how large yelp is for reviews, Glassdoor is a review website but the reviews are from employees. Here your employees can leave reviews about working with you and it will appear directly on the first page of Google. You can create an account on Glassdoor by heading over to their business membership sign up. Be very cautious before setting this up as once it is up it usually cannot come down.

creating a glassdoor account for company online reputation

7. Get Active On Twitter 

Google loves Twitter, why? Because on Twitter you can be super active while making it look natural. If you create a consistent Twitter content calendar, Google will reward your branded search with a rich snippet that appears high on the search engine like this:

using the twitter snippet to help reputation management

8. Start Uploading Videos To YouTube 

Google owns YouTube, you probably knew that – this is why if you become active on YouTube you will be rewarded with a video snippet by Google that creates a large piece of real estate on the first page. The goal here is to be consistent on youtube, we recommend uploading a video once a week on youtube and you should receive the snippet within three months. The snippet is well worth it as it can bump down search results due to the sheer size of the snippet.

using the youtube video snippet for enhanced reputation management

9. Create A Medium Account 

Medium is a place for bloggers to go and write without having to create a website. Medium is amazing due to it’s SEO abilities you can basically rank your branded name instantly. It provides you with years of SEO at your fingertips without having to build a website. To get started, create a Medium account under the brand name that you want to target. Then publish a story with the keyword you want to target in the title but ensure it looks natural. You can view a medium post we published with the ultimate goal of targeting the keyword, DeveloMark reviews here.

using medium for reputation management space online

10. SEO Optimize Your Target Keyword

If your target phrase is a personal name, ensure that you’re adding your name to pages that you can SEO optimize. For example, if you have a page on your website that lists out your team ensure that the name of the person you’re trying to protect is in the title tag, meta tag, and in the content of the page. Google tends to rank website information based on the information listed left to right. To learn more about SEO optimizing a post you can click through to here to learn about on page SEO.

11. Get On The Better Business Beaurue 

Did you know anyone can register for the BBB? It is simply a yearly fee that you pay to be listed on their directory website. The best part is, the BBB contains a massive domain authority so your business or name can ensure it makes the front page. Not only that, the BBB is a great backlink to have for your website as it is a great directory with high authority.

12. Publish Content On Other Websites 

Are there other notable blogs in your business vertical that you may be able to guest post for? Guest posting is when you write content offside of your website in the hopes of receiving an inbound link for the guest posting effort. Where this really becomes powerful is if you’re able to add your brand keyword into the title of the content. This is why podcasting and interviews are great because they generally appear on the first page of Google almost instantly due to the domain rank of the website sharing your content.

using guest posting for seo and online reputation management

13. Create A Google Alert For Your Name 

If you’re already using online reputation management software then you can ignore this tip. What you want to do is create a Google alert with your brand name of target keyword, whenever that keyword is mentioned online you will receive an email notification right to your Gmail account. In case of an actual reputation management crisis you would be notified in the early stages. This is great also for anyone who is engaging in an SEO campaign as these mentioned can often lead to more backlinks to your website.

14. Add Your Keyword Into Your Image Alt txt 

If you’re adding images to a website, you need to ensure you’re adding your target phrase into the image txt – by doing this you’re ensuring that Google images is all of your website content. This is an easy place for you to slip if you’re not currently doing this. You want to make sure that the Google real estate is filled with your content.

15. Create An RSS Feed On Your Website 

This is a little technical, but an RSS feed basically shares the content you post on your website to your social media. Why is this important? Well, Google loves social signals causing rankings to boost your website and social media accounts. When your new piece of content is shared on all of your social profiles all of the web properties receive an SEO boost due to the engagement.

16. Get A Feature On A Publication

This is by far the safest bet to getting your name ranked in the search engines for protection. A publication such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and any of the other large media publications will instantly rank your name for the long term. This comes with just being a good business in general, unfortunately, many people in the industry believe that you can just purchase this stuff but you can’t. Anyone promising you a Forbes feature for $3,000 is usually lying and we would highly recommend running away as far as possible.

17. Avoid Getting Negative Remarks Online 

Your business is at risk 24/7 of getting a negative remark online – this is simply the reason as to why we have listed 16 ways to stay on top of it below. But one of the best tips we can give you is to simply just avoid getting negative customer remarks online. This comes with being a professional, delivering good services or a product, and being communicative while providing a solid customer service system for your customer. At any moment a business can go down online because of bad reviews. Consider the following if you want to avoid negative reviews online about your brand:

  • Does your product do what it says it does?
  • Do you have a customer support channel for your product or service?
  • How often are you communicating with your customers

Often times negative reviews come up due to miscommunication – avoid miscommunication as much as possible as it could turn into a reputation management crisis quickly.

18. Get Positive Reviews Online For Your Brand 

As you are actively avoiding negative reviews online, start a review generation campaign for your brand. A review generation campaign should engage your customers in providing a review for you after they have been satisfied with your product or service. You should not aim to get positive reviews from people who have not done business with you. Instead, ask your past customers, and your existing customers to leave you a review. This is why using a CRM is important for your business as you can easily follow-up with old customers almost instantly. Generating positive reviews will increase your conversion rate optimization getting you more customers to your sales funnels. We recommend spreading your positive reviews throughout the review websites. This means it is not a good idea to get 1,000 Google reviews while getting 0 Yelp reviews.

It All Starts With An SEO Campaign …

So now you see that a DIY Online Reputation Management campaign does not have to be that bad. By following the 18 steps above you can easily protect your brand online as well as suppress any false/negative remarks about your company online. Use the 18 Online Reputation Management tips to your benefit and go out and get it. But of course, if you feel as if you cannot deliver on the 18 tips, you can always contact the DeveloMark team to implement the services for you. Get started by contacting us today for a free consultation – we proudly service clients from New York City to San Diego.


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