Employee Spotlight: Ruan M. Marinho 


Ruan M. Marinho is the president of DeveloMark, LLC. Managing everything between client relationships and business growth, Ruan is a well diverse individual with a range of skill sets in digital marketing. Ruan fell in love with marketing after he started to learn more about why people buy from other people. He initially started his studies reading often mentioned marketing books by authors such as SethGodinn. Ruan particularly fell in love with a book called “The Brain Audit“, a book that covers why people buy and why they don’t.


Ruan’s Background In Business 


Prior to launching DeveloMark, Ruan spent some time in corporate sales. Working for companies such as AT&T, Verizon, & Comcast. Working with small business owners, Ruan noticed the demand for getting new customers was always the problem with struggling businesses. Selling cable products, cell phone’s, and tech products to businesses already, Ruan felt it was time to offer a more meaningful service to his clients.


Ruan’s Technical Background 

DeveloMark primarily offers digital marketing services – this is because prior to DeveloMark being founded, Ruan tested his skills on his fathers business. For a year straight, while Ruan was working full-time at another company, he was testing digital marketing on his father’s website.

Because of this year trial, Ruan has become proficient in search engine optimization, social media management, email marketing, sales funnels, graphic design, pay per click advertising, CRM management, and much more. Eventually, Ruan was able to bring his father results using his own skills on the website. Ruan’s father started to get qualified leads and was able to stop paying for newspaper advertising and other ineffective routes to getting more customers.


What You Probably Didn’t Know 

Ruan is an avid skateboarder, gamer, and movie fanatic. As a kid, Ruan was first introduced to a gaming console, Super Nintendo. This is when he fell in love with technology and really was consumed by how cool video games were. Astounded, Ruan began to play video games competitively and even got into competitive card games. Fascinated by the thought of a game, Ruan continued to play video games throughout the early 2,000’s and still plays today. Ruan was in the top 10 rankings online for a very popular video game in the mid-2000’s, Gears Of War.


Covered In The Media 

Ruan is an avid marketer of his own personal brand. Fueled with a passion to create stunning video content, Ruan is seen as an industry leader in the search engine optimization field. At the time of writing this, Ruan is crossing 30,000 subscribers on YouTube in the marketing topic. Ruan shares actionable advice on how to run and grow a digital marketing agency and is inspired by what actually happens in his business.

Ruan also has a program called “The Underground SEO“, where people and businesses can learn how to do SEO on their own websites without having to pay for a digital marketing agency. The program is stated to be one of the “best SEO programs” with a ton of video testimonials vouching for the results. The group currently holds 150 members and Ruan does not plan on stopping the group’s growth.


Get To Know Ruan A Little More 

Want to get to know our CEO a little more? Get started by contacting us and leaving a message. He will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible. DeveloMark is currently taking on new clients but you’re encouraged to contact us first to see if we can help in your projects success.


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