Looking forward to starting a website for your company or service? Well, then it’s essential that you think about writing texts that are SEO-centric. Every single word on your website should be curated and thought out. If you intend to write your own texts, you need to take that into account.

“And what is SEO?” you may ask. Well, it’s short for “Search Engine Optimization,” and it’s very important for your website’s traffic. Having a well-optimized site will ensure a steady flow of visitors, which define the size of your income. SEO copywriters have a clear understanding of how search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google react to certain word combinations. Once your website publishes texts that have word combinations, it will be ranked higher in the engines’ search results.

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Don’t Hesitate To Write Captivating Titles And Headlines

Search engines operate based on complex algorithms that recognize what kind of content is of value to its user. By writing captivating titles, headlines, and subheadings, you’re basically showing the search engine that this is a thought out and a well-structured piece of content. For example, if you’re a Columbus digital marketing agency than you should write your headline in a manner that speaks to a B2B audience.

The structure is key. Titles and headings need to contain the keywords that the business focuses on.

How do I do that?

There are a few rules to a strong headline. You can follow them once you need to write one:

  • Use digits and numbers in the headline to suggest precision
  • Address the end-users problems and issues
  • Suggest to the reader what he’ll get after reading the article
  • Make an impressive promise

Make It As Readable As You Can

The layout of web content is very different from what you’d see in a novel, for example. While a novel can feature long sentences and huge paragraphs, a web article is much more minimalist in that respect.

“When writing a piece for your website, refrain from having more than four sentences in a paragraph. Also, opt for using bullets and numbered lists, so that your texts become more scannable,” James Daily, content manager and author of Brainished blog explains.

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Use Powerful Phrasing And Skip On The Passive Voice

Make sure that you build your phrases powerfully. Think about it this way: there are certain words that convey a broader spectrum of meaning and emotion than their synonyms. You want to use them when describing a product or service. Also writing in an active tone will ensure clarity and ease of comprehension.

“An active voice is called “active” because it makes the text have a more energetic tone. There’s no need to eliminate passive voice in your content fully. Just make sure you don’t abuse it.“ — Amanda Sparks, marketer and creator of TopDownWriter blog suggests.

Don’t Just Stuff Your Text With Keywords

Keyword density used to be very relevant over ten years ago. However, the era of bombarding texts with specific words to the extent that content no longer sounded natural.

The truth is that after some large-scale updates made by the major search engines, this practice is not relevant anymore. Don’t attempt to do it, since it may as well damage your ranking after all.

Experts suggest writing naturally looking page texts that focus on key phrases and not on specific keywords. In many cases, it is better to ‘under-optimize’ your text than get an over-optimization penalty from Google. But if you want to have a set number to check, 1-3% of keyword density seems like a good one, according to many researchers.

Talk Your Reader’s Language

Web content is supposed to be accessible. There is no need to use language that is hard to understand for an average person. This will make readers left out.

“The essential problem is that since there is a large discrepancy between the language you use and the language an average person uses — this will make the search engine rank you lower than it otherwise would,” says Adrian Broski, SEO analyst at BestWritersCanada.

Never Hesitate To Outsource

Hiring a professional is an investment with a high return. A good SEO copywriter will be able to bring your website to the first page of specific search results. It’s important to stress that 85% of the Internet’s organic traffic comes from the first page.

Why consider it?

Learning how to optimize your texts can become a very lengthy process and may take a lot of effort. Furthermore, not everybody is endowed with a sense of style. This is why it’s always a good idea to delegate SEO-related work to actual SEO copywriters.

It’s not a problem if you’ve never done this before. You can always look for websites that collect feedback and testimonials on writers in different niches.

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Places to look

Try searching for a professional online service like Upwork, TopAustraliaWriters, Freelancer. These sites are writing services and freelancer marketplaces where you can find verified professionals and their contact emails.

Here’s a brief checklist that will help you put out quality content:

  • Never hesitate to provide an intelligible brief to your writers
  • If there are sources cited, make sure they’re fact-checked
  • Don’t forget that content must convey the value
  • Refrain from working with inexperienced writers to save some money

Plagiarism Is A “No-No”

One of the essential features of a text that will help your site rank higher is uniqueness. None of your content should be plagiarized. Some specialists say that there is an admissible percentage of non-unique content you can use, but that’s a gamble. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Multiple studies show how harmful plagiarized content can be on your rankings.


As you can now see, making sure that your content is optimized correctly for search engines is a multi-faceted and complex task. You need to fit many criteria.

Optimally, you need to write content that is accessible to your audience. This way you’ll be able to rank higher in search results.

Don’t forget to structure your text so that it can be easily scannable by your readers. To properly guide your reader and Google’s algorithms through your content — don’t forget to write captivating headings.

Once you take these simple principles into account, you’ll hit the top of the search results in no time.

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