Calls-To-Action, most commonly known in the SEO world as a CTA, is a button that tells site visitors to take an action. This could mean simply check out the site some more, fill out a contact form (useful for lead generation), book a phone call, read an article, go to a specific page on site, or many other possible steps. A CTA can also simply be a text link. No matter how you create it the CTA is meant to direct prospects on what to do next or where to go for what they may be looking for.

This effortless SEO strategy helps visitors along in their buyer journey and eliminates much confusion so that they are able to take proper steps in their research of your company. Don’t worry too much about your wording because there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to name your CTA as various wording strategies are used as long as they attract attention from leads and force an action. Examples include:

  • Download your free whitepaper
  • Start your free trial today
  • Schedule a call with our team
  • Download your free report
  • Download your free checklist pdf
  • Subscribe to our blog
  • Join for free
  • Check out our work

You’re going to want to place your CTAs anywhere on your website that has a high volume of visitors. Typically you will see them somewhere in blogs such as at the end of the article or in the sidebar. If you’re selling a product on a website using something such as Shopify, then you may also want to explore how to design a product page that Google will adore as it will typically get a higher conversion rate with your call to actions.

Blogs aren’t the only place though. Do some research and perform a site audit to determine which page on your site draws in the most page views. Uses for CTAs vary but ordinarily, they are used for:

  • Social sharing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Closing sales
  • Promoting events
  • Generating QUALIFIED leads
  • Form submission
  • Product or service discovery

Our fellow SEO experts over at Hubspot put together a great list of real-life examples of exceptional CTAs. Click this link to check them out and get ideas for your next CTA! Resources mentioned:



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