You’ve probably seen a ton of information online about how important it is to monitor your online reputation management, but how much does it actually cost to run an online reputation management campaign? 

Companies such as Brand Yourself, Rip Off Report, and other online review services have a range of products and services that offer a quick fix for situations that are nor severe. But what if your case requires more than just a product? Rather it requires a whole campaign, how much would it cost then?

Almost every SEO company charges differently for services, and the exact same thing is true with online reputation management. The average online reputation agency hourly rate comes in at $150 per hour, so it all depends on how serious your situation is and what you’re going against. To determine the pricing of online reputation management, we must first consider these three things listed down below.

What Are You Trying To Protect? 

Have you had a scenario online where your business has been left with a negative remark? Every day businesses are left vulnerable to a negative review, defamation attack, or a disgruntled employee trying to sabotage your brand’s reputation. Because of this, the reputation management company pricing you out needs to understand your current situation. This can easily be done by doing a quick analysis of what is currently showing up for your branded search in Google. If you have a serious situation where suppression is needed, then you will rack up costs in the online reputation management campaign. Beware of landing your business on these websites as they generally appear on the first page of Google for your brand name quickly:

  • Complaints board
  • Rip Off Report

What Services Are Offered For Online Reputation Management? 

If you’re wondering, what are the services offered by online reputation management companies to organizations? Then it is likely that you have had an incident where your reputation is on the line. We always like to state that your reputation online can be restored by providing good content and conducting positive business transactions. But what many online reputation companies state is that they can remove a search result, which is just not true. By ethically providing good content, consistent updates on social websites, and building business relationships your results can be suppressed but never removed. This, of course, is not counting if the search result you’re combatting is a direct threat or slander. There is an option to contact the popular review websites to get a listing removed if it contains false information.

Many times, online reputation management companies provide brand mention services, social profile creation/optimization services, and full-blown SEO campaigns for a target keyword. The goal is to load up the first page of Google with positive information about your brand.

Implement An Online Reputation Management Action Plan

If you have the budget to hire an online reputation management company, then go for it. But if you want to implement a DIY online reputation management action plan, then I would recommend you read our article covering 18 ways an individual can implement their own reputation management campaign.

With the average cost of an agency to implement the service skyrocketing, businesses are looking for a more DIY approach and I would recommend that you would do the same. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in having someone else engage in your online reputation management campaign. Our handpicked teamwork with clients ranging from New York to San Diego. We have helped dozens of businesses create the look that they want online and we can help you too. Contact us today to create a custom digital marketing strategy for your brand that is evergreen.



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