ORM or Online Reputation Management is defined by techopedia as being “the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the internet”. In latent terms, ORM manages the online presence of a company or product, ensuring the ideal reputation is being created. ORM ideally creates and supports the desired company or brand persona represented online. This builds not only awareness and exposure, but it also builds the foundation for a positive reputation with current and potential customers. Additionally, ORM provides tremendous support to SEO optimization and other online marketing efforts.


Your goals for ORM are achievable with the right effort. Remember to be:

  • Consistent. This means focusing on determined keywords and phrases to use on all online platforms and sticking with a regular schedule for posting content.
  • Active. It is recommended to post an update or content at least one time per week and using an RSS feed to share across multiple social media platforms. Things like customer feedback and reviews should be addressed immediately though and require more frequent monitoring. The more active you are online,  these types of issues are discovered faster and can be responded to quickly.
  • Patient. Similar to SEO and most marketing efforts, online reputation management does not have instant results. Successful ORM campaigns, DIY or otherwise, require time for the payoff of all the work to become apparent.


There are numerous tools available at your disposal to help optimize any ORM campaign. Company and personal URLs, LinkedIn pages, and Google map listings are a few critical resources that significantly impact the overall internet presence exhibited by your company and what types of traits appear when potential customers search for you or your business. Check out our article 18 Ways To Save Your Name With Online Reputation Management (ORM) for even more details about running your own online reputation management campaign.


If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to handle your online reputation management, look no further than the DeveloMark team. Our skilled search specialists can ensure that your business is represented online with authority and highlights the great things your business may have done. Our agency covers businesses and brands ranging from New York and San Diego. If you’re wondering what the average cost of online reputation management is, you can read our pricing article here.

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