The Top Reasons Your Website Is Failing To Rank In Google’s Search Engine 

Why is your website still on the second page of Google? You’ve done everything to optimize your website but Google still does not see it as a fit option to be on the first page.

Backlinko puts out some great content, content like “200 SEO ranking factors for 2017”. With content like this, I decided to scroll through it today and dissect a few of those ranking signals and deem 4 of the – most important

There are a few reasons you’re not ranking and it’s sitting right in front of your face.

The real reason is that most webmasters have become extremely lazy. They’ve added 300 words to a page and have done nothing to promote it. Because of this, Google does not find you’re your website to be authoritative enough or in other words, worthy enough to be displayed on the first page of Google

So what exactly can you do about this?

Because at the end of the day, you need authority for higher rankings in Google.

That’s why we broke down in the video the two most important parts of this SEO problem

– content
– backlinks

No matter how many sketchy SEO tactics you do, you still cannot manipulate content and still a little of the backlinks part.

Content is just hard work

There is no short way to go around It, it takes to research, dedication, and a lot of time to complete good content.

But it’s so important that you do so and here is why.

Google prefers long-form content for SEO

It’s not that they do so base on things like word count and other numerical factors

But they base It off of user-experience (UX) – in other words, how are people reacting on your website after they have just completed a search?

Google seriously values the way someone engages with your page after they land on it. They look at things like:

– dwell time
– bounce rate
– engagement with elements (menus, articles, interlinking)

Guess what? You can overcome this UX problem by doing a few quick things on the page.

Start by simply adding more information to your pages. This does not mean stuffing one million and a half keywords onto your page. Keyword stuffing is considered over optimization according to Google’s Penguin update.

Instead, make the content look way cleaner and to the point. Use things like whiteboard explanation videos – infographics, and embedded YouTube videos

This is not a guessing game if you add more to your page for your searcher to dwell on it will satisfy

Remember your goal with content should be to resolve an issue or a problem that someone is looking to fix based on visiting your website.

By bettering your content, you will rank higher and get more rankings by acquiring more backlinks.

You see a high-ranking article in Google will get you a ton of backlinks. Other websites, blogs, webmasters, and other publishers would not have a problem linking out to you if your content is hyper informative


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