10 Advanced Youtube SEO Tips In 2018 To Help You Rank #1

Have you ever wondered how important Youtube SEO is? Think about the last time you watched a YouTube video, it was probably today. YouTube reached more than 1.3 billion users in 2017. With voice search and video becoming more and more popular, you need to understand what makes a video rank so you can grow your viewership.

Here are some of the major milestones YouTube hit in 2017:

youtube seo 2018

YouTube Economy By QuickSprout

With that being said it has become the second most powerful search engine in the world.

Behind it’s bigger sister, Google, search engine optimization for YouTube works very differently.

As you can imagine YouTube is different because the platform is very visual as opposed to Google which is very keyword rich.

Youtube SEO is all about the video you put up and how people react to it. So, let’s dive into YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO: A 30,000 Foot View Of The Algorithm 

Because the platform is very visual friendly, there are eight search engine optimization factors Google looks at when ranking a YouTube video. After a long study of analyzing 1.3 million YouTube videos, Brian Dean and his team over at backlinko have come up with 8 important YouTube SEO factors that separate the weak videos from the strong.Backlink analyzing 1,000,000 youtube search results

video comments have a very strong correlation for youtube seo rankings

longer videos generally outrank shorter videos in the youtube search engine

youtube seo analytics on average watch time

Video view count has a strong ranking factor in YouTube

average video view count as a metric for youtube search engine optimization

A channels subscriber count has a small correlation to youtube seo rakings

videos with likes outrank videos with little likes

videos that result in new channel subscribers rank higher in youtube

keyword rich tags have little correlation to youtube seo rankings

hd videos dominate the youtube seo ranking algorithm

summar and conclusion for video seo in 2018

How To Use YouTube SEO To Your Advantage 

So for a smaller YouTube channel, the infographic above can be very helpful. So we look at YouTube SEO in 2018 with these core ranking principles based on extensive data performed by multiple Search engine optimization agencies and bloggers.

Furthermore, any channel can succeed on YouTube in 2018 just following these principles. So, let’s look at how video SEO can drastically increase your YouTube rankings:

10 YouTube SEO Tips: Explode Your Channel’s Growth 

So what are the top ten YouTube search engine optimization tips for 2018? And how can a small-time YouTube channel like yourself use these tips to grow your YouTube channel?

1. Proper Titles & Tags For Your Videos 

This may be the most obvious Youtube ranking factor that you can implement immediately. Tools like Vidiq and Tubebuddy allow you to see your tags and how they line up with your video.

Your goal should be to line up the tags with your titles and descriptions in your YouTube video.

An example of tags being used properly for Video SEO is shown below.

I want you to first pay attention to the title of the YouTube video

craft a good title for your youtube videos

As you can see there are some tags you can use based on the title of the YouTube video.

The title of your video will determine if your content get’s the clickthrough. The same as a search engine in Google, YouTube uses click-through rate as a behavior metric to see how popular your video actually is. Furthermore, the higher the clickthrough rate, the more organic rankings you will get.

2. Competitor Titles For Youtube SEO

Tags are very important for search engine success, but they aren’t relevant unless you could come up with some hot topics and trending keywords.

There are many tools people use to do YouTube keyword research, I am going to show you a different way to find some winning video titles to get you ranked on YouTube.

Spying on your competitors

This has to be the best way to come up with winning video titles. A quick look at your competitors YouTube channel will tell you their best videos.

What you want to do is pull up a competitor’s YouTube channel and sort the video views by view count:

spying on your competitors youtube video titles can really help

This simple search should give you an idea of their best-performing videos.

As you can see, for Mr. Alex Becker his best performing YouTube videos include something about making money as a young kid using the internet.

This is very eye-opening for my channel as we have a similar niche, furthermore, I may want to look at the keywords he is using and make something similar to it.


3. Creating Giveaways To Get More Engagement  

As we mentioned before, comments and likes help you out in the Youtube search engine algorithm. So how exactly can you force more engagement onto your video?

Since we mentioned Alex Becker let’s use his channel for another example.

Becker has an internet marketing info product that he sells for $2,000+. He uses this to his advantage in his YouTube videos by giving one of his info products away from every video.

Why is this so critical for YouTube SEO in 2018?

Well, Youtube will now see Beckers videos as more popular and will naturally rank his videos higher in the search results.

Well played on Beckers part? I think so

4. Social Media Shares Help Your Rankings 

Google needs to see that your video is popular not just on YouTube, but also on other websites.

There are really a few ways to do this successfully. Let’s talk about the most obvious ways to get more social shares when you’re doing video SEO in your Youtube videos.

Using the social share option on youtube

The most obvious method is to simply share your content on your social channels. Better yet, Youtube actually gives you this option on the front page of your newly uploaded video

youtube social sharing helps with youtube rankings

Sharing on all of these social sites will give your video a quick boost. Even more importantly, have others in your network share your YouTube video.

This is not because YouTube ranks videos that are shared on social sites, but you get the extra boost in traffic when your video is posted. YouTube loves ranking videos that get a lot of views within the first 48 hours, and social signals will get you there.

5. Audience Retention Will Guarantee Rankings

YouTube’s algorithm is seriously based on audience retention. If you can get your viewers to watch your channel consistently, you’ll get higher rankings.

There really is a simple framework for getting more audience retention. You must first start by analyzing the first 5 seconds of your video. Is it engaging? Or is it boring?

You want to create a small hook to ensure visitors continue to watch your video. If they don’t, they will bounce and YouTube’s algorithm will stop promoting your video.

By heading over to YouTube’s creator studio, you can quickly see how long on average a viewer is watching your video.

using youtube's audience retention metric

Generally speaking, if your video has an average duration of 50% fully completed – it will rank well in the search engines.

By using things like a hook, and providing good value up front – you should be able to keep your audience’s retention throughout the video.

6. Getting A High CTR (Click-Through-Rate) Using Thumbnails

CTR gives YouTube a clear understanding as to how popular your video is. Before gauging audience retention (mentioned above), YouTube initially uses CTR as a metric to see how many people are interested in your video.

Other than your title, there is one other way to ensure you get a high click-through rate. This is by using an effective thumbnail. But before you dive deep into creating good thumbnails, you must first understand your YouTue analytics.

YouTube’s new BETA creator studio now reveals your click-through rate. To find this, start by going to your creator studio in YouTube and click on (impressions and CTR try YouTube BETA studio):

using youtube's new creator studio beta to track ctr and impressions

Once you land on the new creator studio, scroll down and you can now see your CTR and impressions checking CTR data and impressions for a higher youtube ranking





Looking at this data you can determine if your current YouTube uploads are effective in getting the click.

If you have a low click-through rate on YouTube, please consider the following:

  • Create a more aesthetically appealing thumbnail
  • Have a title that creates curiosity
  • Use similar topics throughout your videos

This will have a clear

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