How To Get The YouTube Sponsor Button On Your Channel FAST!

If you’ve ever been wondering if you could get the YouTube sponsor button onto your channel, then please keep reading on.

YouTube is currently the worlds second largest search engine. Furthermore, more and more creators are making videos daily as they understand the potential of YouTube. YouTube recently announced that they’re now giving the creators options to become “sponsored”.

This new sponsor option has several benefits that every creator should strive for. In today’s guide, you’re going to learn everything there is to learn about the YouTube sponsor button so you can work towards getting it on your channel.

What Is The New YouTube Sponsor Button? 

The YouTube Sponsor Button is only available to a few creators on YouTube. Through a monthly membership, viewers can now have iconic badges, an inside member area, and exclusive discounts to the creators offer.

what is a youtube sponsor button?

There are certain benefits to sponsoring a channel, one of those being the iconic badge that you can choose when you’re commenting on a users channel. This badge will separate you from the rest and will most likely be a great way to differentiate yourself from the YouTube comments.

youtube custom badge


It is also smart to sponsor a YouTube channel because you may be able to access creator perks if they have any. This could be things like going to an event at a discounted rate, getting access to training, or even having the ability to meet the creator in person.

If you also comment on the creators of YouTube video that is live streaming, you’ll also get a “NEW SPONSOR” green button to ensure the audience knows that you’re invested into the creator.



How To Get A Sponsored YouTube Channel? 

In YouTube’s effort to give creators the freedom to create, at the moment they are only sponsoring channels through a BETA test. At the time there is no correlation between subscriber count, watch time, YouTube SEO, that would make a channel receive a sponsored badge on their channel.

Following YouTube guidelines, it is pretty safe to say you can receive a sponsorship opportunity if you:

  • Receive more viewership on the channel
  • Create consistent valuable content on YouTube
  • Exceed 100,000 subscribers
  • Get more watch time onto your channel

Based on the sponsors we’ve seen on YouTube, they all have these similar metrics in common. Keep creating consistent content on your channel and you should have an opportunity down the line.

How Much Does The Creator Get Paid? 

To currently sponsor a channel, it costs $4.99 per month. According to YouTube, the creator makes a 70% royalty from receiving the sponsorship.

how much do creators get paid by being sponsored on youtube?



It’s important to understand that YouTube is giving creators this option to earn additional revenue from their channels. In addition to the Adsense revenue, YouTube wants creators to make the most out of their channels.

In Conclusion 

If you’re starting or growing a YouTube channel, you should always have monetization in your thoughts. You can learn a lot about further monetizing a YouTube channel if you’re currently not sponsored here.


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