6 Effective ways to get content ideas in 2018

Like anything in business, you need to keep relevant in your industry. As an SEO agency in Connecticut, we constantly need better content ideas for our clients and ourselves.

But how can you get fresh new content every day? Isn’t there a stop to how much content you can find?

In this video, I cover the 6 most effective ways to get fresh and trending content ideas for any industry.


Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool created to help digital marketers get fresh ideas. It’s actually pretty simple, you type in your topic, and there you have it, you have fresh ideas that has performed well in the past.

Google trends

This has to be by far one of my favorite tools to use to check the popularity of a term or topic. It’s actually very simple, you just go to https://trends.google.com/, type in a keyword, and see if the charts are moving up or down. If the charts are down, it is likely you’d want to stay away from that keyword.

Google alerts

What if there was a tool that scraped the web for keywords you’re looking for? This software would include articles, PR, news updates, and even some insider company information. The best part is, is that this tool is real and exists. And it is free, like actually free. It’s called https://www.google.com/alerts and it is going to save your content starving life.

Want to see the rest of the free tools?

Watch this video here to watch me go over the remainder of the 6 easy to use content tools

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