In this video, I cover Facebook’s new engagement bait policy they have put in place. Facebook Engagement Bait is when users ask the audience on Facebook to ‘LIKE’, ‘SHARE’ and ‘COMMENT’ on a given Facebook post/ad.

This change is shocking because many Facebook pages have gained their fame via shares and tagging friends.

Many Meme Facebook pages use engagement bait to get more views and engagement, therefore, tricking the Facebook algorithm into thinking it’s actually good content Facebook is now monitoring this and reducing your reach drastically based on the text in your ad.

In this video, I cover exactly what to expect, how to not get caught and still do some engagement baits, and more important, how you can change up your strategy with your Facebook Marketing in 2018 As a YouTuber, I would not be surprised if YouTube rolled out something similar in the near future. Seeing as many professional youtube content creators use the “subscribe now”, “comment below” and use another verbiage to get engagement on to their videos

That would be a terrible idea on youtube’s end because it will not drive engagement on to their platform. But at the end of the day, these companies have to maintain promotable content within the marketplace. If a piece of content is performing well that it will naturally get good engagement.

So I recommend you take a look at your Facebook advertising strategy and start using more videos, well thought out content, and other strategies like leveraging Facebook’s advertising objective optimized for “traffic” Which in turn, takes the user off of Facebook’s platform and on to your website where you can, in turn, sell your products/services.

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