struggling to make Facebook marketing work for your gym?

Hey, Ruan here and today I’m going to be taking you through the Facebook Marketing For Gyms strategy that works and converts.

You may be someone who is a digital marketer or you are a fitness center operator, regardless you will find plenty of value within this post.

With Facebook, you really need to think of Facebook advertising as a sales funnel. The more you can really understand your sales funnel and the customers going into the funnel the more you can start converting customers.

What exactly do I mean by sales funnel?

Well, you can’t just advertise to someone cold and expect to see new customers. Naturally, you need to give your prospective client a little bait before you can get them interested. Follow this diagram below to replicate a proper sales funnel:

Facebook Marketing For Gyms

When you put your prospective clients down this funnel you will start to see better conversions for your fitness studio and you won’t be spending money on Facebook ads that don’t work.

prefacing the fitness sales funnel

So now we understand that we must bring the fitness studio client down this Facebook marketing sales funnel, so what does it digitally look like?

Awareness – is the Facebook advertisement that we’re going to show

Interest – will be the offer you are giving new members for your gym

Decision – was your offer strong enough and can you get them to move to the next step

Action – the customer did what your sales funnel was trying to do

Now that you understand the preface we can start to visually show you a strategy we’ve been using  that has been consistently bringing a gym client of ours leads all day


This needs to be an attention getter and there is no better way of doing this than a short sixty-second video.

Now before you click off of this page (which would be a huge mistake) because you’re scared of anything that has to do with the video, it doesn’t have to be a crazy video but makes it unique.

Here is a small checklist when you’re composing your video for a Facebook ad:

  • Have a brand story
  • Give a clear call to action
  • Make it short and sweet

Our local Facebook Marketing gym client liked the idea of a free 3-day trial so here’s what we came up with:

Any video will capture the awareness of your prospective client but whats most important is that we are demanding attention and even looking to change someone’s life.

Now remember that this ad is on Facebook so it’s easy to capture attention so now we move onto the second step in the Facebook marketing for gyms sales funnel


Now that you’ve got the clients attention with a short, compelling, and decisive video. Give them some interest, you can justify the interest with an offer. It’s important that you choose a good offer because you’re CPL (cost per lead) will be very inexpensive.

The better the offer, the more clicks your ad will get lowering your ad cost

So how do you get interested when posting?

Marketing Ideas for local gyms

As you can see we immediately start by calling out the city name and offering a free 3-day trial.

This is great because it’s short and sweet and everyone can take advantage of it.

But how exactly did we target this ad in the Facebook ads manager? We know that Facebook has millions of options for targeting and if you do the proper targeting you will get better results.

Location Targeting Within Facebook Admin 

Facebook Marketing Targeting

We started by targeting men and women who were between the ages of 18-44 based on the location of the local gym.

Targeting like this ensures your gym that you will receive locally qualified leads in your area. You don’t want to target more than 5 miles as it is highly unlikely that someone will drive past 5 miles to go to a local gym. Furthermore, you should enter the age range of your target audience.

If you need help with this, your POS system may reveal the ages within your database.

Interest Targeting Within Facebook Admin 

This part shocks most people and it should shock you too. What I am here to say is that there are a bunch of people of all interests that go to the gym and you must be careful when entering interests.

The more interests you add in a local space, the lower your ads reach will be at your Gym.

The example below shows your ad reach when you have no interests in that towns vicinity: Facebook Marketing Gym Strategy

You can see that the potential reach for your video will be 73,000. But watch what happens when we simply add the interest, “bodybuilding”

Gym Facebook Advertising

Your potential reach tanks giving your ad a less chance for success.

Now you may be wondering, “Well, isn’t that a more targeted reach so I’ll get more conversions?”

It is different in every market but I always recommend that your potential reach is 50,000 or more if you’re doing local advertising.

But it is different in every market and we always recommend split testing


So now we have locally targeted people looking at our video ad and we need to put them in the sales funnel. How can we digitally do this? You could use a Facebook lead ad but we’ve found that to be a very expensive option.

We recommend using a landing page designer for best results. And in our case, we recommend click funnel because you can quickly create stunning landing pages that convert


As you can see we created a nice looking landing page and now you’re going to learn about what makes a landing page convert.

To have a successfully converting landing page we have found that these factors are crucially important for your success:

  • Clean, easy to use design
  • Transparency, don’t trick the customer on the ad and say something different on the landing page
  • Video testimonials

Following these steps will help your landing page convert more customers rapidly.

You should be capturing contact information so your salespeople can reach out to them and convert them into a customer.

Facebook Marketing For Fitness Studios

Once the client fills out this form your gym now has a lead that came from Facebook. The customer will now be waiting for a call from your gym or will call your gym to schedule their first visit


So now you have this lead that provided you with a name, number, and email address… what do you do?

You could call the client but why not have them call you?

Use a powerful “call now to receive an” offer on your thank you page. This will create urgency for the client and give you the automation of lead generation your fitness studio needs.

This call to action in our case, was a free justice league bottle when they call in within the next 24 hours to our local fitness studio.

in conclusion

Facebook Marketing for gyms can be very effective when it’s done right. The best place to start is to really understand how your core offer can stand out in the marketplace.

Start by getting that offer behind a digital sales funnel. This way your business will have an automated lead generation system all throughout the day. Generated leads is the goal, Facebook Marketing for gyms comes down to the digital strategy.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog post on Facebook Marketing for gyms, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.



Facebook Marketing for gyms checklist

Now that you know how to effectively implement Facebook Marketing for gyms you can keep this little checklist as a refrence to the sales funnel.

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