Facebook Marketing strategies For Dentists


The Facebook Ad Campaign

Before I can go in and start to tell you the technicalities I would first like to show you what your advertising strategy should look like. The ad campaign does not end on Facebook, you need to capture your prospective client’s information so they can become qualified leads and Facebook is not the best place to do that. What you need is a sales funnel, a sales funnel takes the customer from the awareness stage to the decision stage:

As you can see the sales funnel starts at the awareness stage (the Facebook ad) and then into the interest stage which can be achieved by using a “tripwire“. The tripwire will push the customer to the decision phase and you will have a new customer.

So yes, you may be thinking well that sounds easy theory, but how can we actually do it?

Start With The Tripwire

What is a ridiculously good offer you can use to seduce prospective patients to leave Facebook and to your website to give you their contact information (rendering them as a lead)? Well, we’ve tested several ads and these are the offers we found most successful:

  • Discount off of dentures, braces, and invisalign
  • Free teeth whitening
  • Bridal teeth whitening
  • Children’s check up

The reason you give these services out for free is to get leads filling your email box. For this example, we will use Sale Dental in the U.K as an example. They ran a promo for a black Friday special to take $500 off of an Invisalign purchase:

This is the ad we placed on Facebook to get the viewer to the interest phase. To get them there we redirected the user to a landing page. In this case scenario, the http://bit.ly/2zex4hv this will take the user off of Facebook to a landing page that looks like this. We use click funnels to create our landing page:

On the landing page, we capture the customer’s information putting them into a sales funnel. When they click, “YES! I Want $500 OFF Invisalign & Fixed Braces” and fill out the form they are redirected to a page that urges them to call our practice:

We build urgency on this page to get the lead to visit our practice and physically become a customer. But, in case they don’t call… we set up and autoresponder using MailChimp to stay top of mind throughout our black-Friday campaign. So once they enter their information not only are they enticed to call us, but we can stay in communication with our audience:

The email looks like this, and we packed that autoresponder with about 65 days of automated emails to try and capture the customer within the next 65 days. We would send an email every other day and just set the email for holidays. The emails open at typically a 15-65% open rate so it is a viable asset for our dentistry. Using tools like MailChimp this becomes so easy to do and automate you don’t even have to hire a digital agency to do it. Follow these 3 guidelines when using the autoresponder.

  • Be consistent
  • Sell every 3 emails
  • Tell stories in your emails
  • Send out holiday emails

With this consistent flow of traffic, the dentistry is able to have a steady stream of leads flowing into the business on autopilot. The leads are email right to our practice’s email inbox so they can quickly pick up the phone and call the lead and get new patients.

What Does This Cost A Dentistry?

When it comes to Facebook sales funnels, Facebook charges a cost per link click (when someone clicks off of Facebook you’re billed). The average cost per link click is roughly $1.50-$2.00 per click. That’s not bad considering Google AdWords $10-$25 CPC. But the average cost was not the case in this video, see the cost per link click below:

For the cost of one click on Google AdWords, we were able to get 45 clicks. That’s 45 visitors to your targeted offer for just $15.72. Look, it’s almost unbelievable. But it does happen as long as your brand has a consistent brand and a transparent jaw-dropping offer.

In Conclusion

You can use this strategy with any dental practice. Just follow the simple steps above and you will be on your way to getting more qualified leads at an inexpensive rate.

In any event, if you have any questions regarding dental sales funnel using Facebook

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