One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “How can I get 1000 subscribers o YouTube fast with a small channel and no views?”. The answer to this is actually quite simple; your videos need to be seen more. YouTube is a great platform for getting more customers, sales, affiliate sales, building your database etc. so wouldn’t it make sense to start making videos?

Here is the reality… You could have the most brilliant content but if you do not start ranking your videos, they will not appear in the search results. But isn’t ranking videos on YouTube in 2018 a difficult task? The short answer is no, the long answer is explained before YouTube’s search ranking algorithms in 2018 look for a few things.


It looks for the following: -Title -Keywords and tags -Engagement -CTR -Bounce Rate -Average watch time So how can you streamline this process and make sure that all the relevant information is in your Youtube videos. When you’re ranking videos for a small channel with no subscribers in 2018 you want to make sure you do the following: Choose a good title: Do you research when doing this, I recommend the Google keyword planner:… Once you have found a good title I recommend downloading “Tubebuddy” to see if it is a good keyword to start ranking for. This way you can ensure that you’re going to get traffic to that YouTube video.


This is an excellent strategy as it can help you quickly rank videos on YouTube in 2018 with a very small following. Create great content: Some of the best content is done on YouTube. So keep that promise. How to videos are great for this because of the nature of the search. For example, use a how-to video to rank fast and immediately get subscribers. The content should directly correlate with your content. NEVER use click-bait because that will lower your YouTube engagement rate which will, in turn, have a reverse SEO on your YouTube video.


Put your keywords in your description: Your description is what gives YouTube a signal of what you’re video is going to be about. So, use synonyms of the keyword in your video description and make sure the tags match. This will allow you to start ranking for multiple keywords. DON’T overstuff your content thought that is a big no-no for YouTube’ algorithm Backlinking: A strategy where you can get other websites to point to your video and get an increase in traffic and rankings.


This is a ranking signal in Google’s eyes and will quickly rank your videos compares to other videos. Tools & Resources (No Affiliate Links): Considering using these tools when you’re ranking your websites:…


These tools should influence the amount of traffic your video will get. They will help you quickly buy backlinks and will allow you to optimize your channel. If you ever have any questions contact me on a personal level:

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