Hey there, Ruan here from DeveloMark and I am excited that you clicked on this article because if you’re like me, you’re probably always wondering, how you I get more traffic to my site. In this post, I will cover a few ways you can use Linkedin’s platform to drive more traffic to your site. I will also be writing about Linkedin’s paid advertising, and if it is worth it or not.

Before we begin I’d like to cover some of the advantages of curating your brand on Linkedin. Recently, Linkedin user stats have recently reported that:

  • There are more than 300 million active users using Linkedin
  • 33% of professionals use Linkedin
  • 50% of Linkedin users say they are more likely to do business with a brand that has a Linkedin presence.
  • Linkedin is the perfect platform to drive traffic to a blog/article

So with all of these statistics, how can you grow your influence base and start receiving more traffic. Well, it all comes down to content. But if your content doesn’t reach your audience organically, there is always Paid Advertising. So, let’s start with Linkedin’s paid advertising platform, its pros, and cons:

Pros of Linkedin ads:

  • Reach professional prospects
  • Great to reach for students/recent grads to HR professionals
  • inMail ads have a high CTR

I am not a big believer in Linkedin’s paid advertising platform, so take a look at my long list of why you might not want to advertise on Linkedin:

Cons of Linkedin ads:

  • Humongous CPC (cost-per-click) this means everytime someone clicks your ad Linkedin will bill you. Typical CPC is around $2.50 on Linkedin.
  • Linkedin does not do “Conversion Tracking“. Conversion tracking is a code you enter into your site, and if a viewer takes an action, the social platform reports that as a conversion.
  • Linkedin has no quality scoring like Google Adwords and Facebook.
  • There are no ‘Like’ campaigns to grow your companies Linkedin page.
  • There are no retargeting options, contrary to Google and Facebook.

So hey, moral of the story is that Linkedin is a costly advertising platform because they believe their audience is worth a good penny. So how can we get traffic and not pay an arm and a leg? Below, I’m going to show you my favorite ways of generating traffic to my page.

Hack #1: Articles And Blog Posts Of Extremely Good Content

As you can see, articles are the lifeblood of Linkedin. In fact, I see it as a business blog for myself as I get more clicks here than I would at any other site. So whats the magic behind articles and how do they turn into traffic?

You should be creating great content that makes users want to share. Ask your first-degree network to share your work for better reach. You should only ask if its quality content. One of my favorite articles received 209 clicks because of this. Now, I am no Gary V, but 209 clicks are quite impressive on Linkedin. So how did I do it?

I created a quality article that everyone is curious about

Two Ninja Article Tips:

  • Craft a great title. Good trigger words to use are how, free, without, and anything with money.
  • Create long-form content. Preferably something with 1,000 words.

When you have crafted the perfect article, you can then start doing outreach to your immediate connections. Outreach may look like this:

Outreach Ninja Tip:

  • Be polite and straight to the point. Most likely, your connections inbox is filled with spam. Be genuine, don’t use templates.

The goal of outreach is to maximize the total outcome of your article. When someone shares your article you touch their connections.


That traffic in that particular article came from my 2nd-degree network. Overall, this outreach method exposes your article to new faces on Linkedin and gives your page the traffic it deserves. Now, how can we get that traffic to our website or contact you?

Have a clear call-to-action at the end of your article.

Clear call-to-actions give the user the next step. You want to tell the user why they should click the link to contact you or to get off of Linkedin and to your blog. This can include something like:

  • Free consultation
  • A tangible item for free like company marketing swag
  • To endorse you if they liked your article.

If you use this first strategy you will get more traffic from your Linkedin articles. My goal in 2018 will be to write an article during the weekdays. So, what else is out there? Now that you have all of these articles, how can we get traffic to them? Besides from the strategy I just gave you, you can also use my second Hack.

Hack #2: Use Your Headline To Drive Traffic To Your Articles

Okay, so this seems pretty obvious, right? But its actually not… Many Linkedin accounts you’ll notice that people use the Headline to tell their audience where they work. Who the heck cares? Use your headline for something useful as its the first thing your connections will see. You can use mine if you’re lost for ideas:

As you can see the call-to-action is very clear, “Do you want more traffic? Of course yes, but how? Read my Linkedin blogs for inspiration”. Would you be surprised If I told you this brought me more leads?


This is a message I receive almost every time I post articles or relevant information around my results. How do I drive new traffic? I put the call-to-action in my headline.


In Conclusion:

Create more articles

Create more videos

Restructure your headline

This should bring more traffic to your blog/website/landing page or whatever tool you’re using to convert leads into paying customers.


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