Hey there, Ruan from DeveloMark here and today I wanted to show you how I’ve been getting a consistent amount of traffic from Youtube to my business. Now, before what I show you what I have to show please keep in mind that any business can use Youtube and results will not vary from the example shown in this article.

Many Professionals Ignore Youtubes Capabilities

Before I show you my formula for free traffic on Youtube, I’d like to let you know that Youtube is highly under competitive in the sense that many professionals ignore the search engine. Now I say search engine with confidence because Youtube is the worlds second largest search engine. So if Youtube is so great, why is it so under competitive? When I consult with clients and make some observations, here are the objections I heard:

  • Youtube is just too time-consuming to fit into my schedule
  • Youtube is not as good as Google’s search algorithm
  • I do not know how to make videos
  • I don’t see Youtube as potential in helping my business grow

So with those reasons of why professionals don’t utilize Youtube’s traffic, let’s see the system that I have in place that diminishes these excuses of not utilizing the platform.

How I Generate Consistent Leads For Free On Youtube

Now let’s get to the good part, my system for driving free traffic to your business from Youtube. In this example, I will be showing one of my Youtube videos. Let’s begin:

Start With A Video Jam Packed With Content

What you’re looking at is a Youtube video that I created simply teaching how to create a Facebook ad. The video shows the viewer how to use Facebook to generate more leads. I go over Facebook advertising and strategy. Now, why is this important? Well, it builds credibility instantly because they searched what they were looking for and you’re providing immediate value. So what types of videos can you create that will get 24,355 views like mine and look like an authority in your niche? Here are a few ideas for you:

  • How to videos – Youtube videos with “how to” get more clicks than other videos
  • Breakdown videos – Whats a complex idea within your niche – for me, its Facebook ads. Everyone wants to learn Facebook ads so I simply broke it down.
  • Industry tips and changes – these are a great idea because many industries have complex changes that occur every day. Your audience will appreciate you keeping them up to date.

So with this structure in mind, something like this should be your title: “How to refinance your home in 2018 with a mediocre credit score“lets look at another example, “auto financing for beginners in 2018” lets look at another, “3 tips on how you can live a happier life in 2018“. You get the pattern.

Create A Funnel In That Video

Now that you’re getting Traffic how can you monetize the traffic to turn into dollars? Well, Youtube gives you the option to add 5,000 words in your description below the video. This is a great place to add a call-to-action. Maybe you want someone to take a specific action, write it down in the description.

#TIP: use “https://” before entering in your website or Youtube won’t recognize the link.

In my case scenario, I wanted the users watching my Youtube video to join a private Facebook group and schedule a call with me. Let’s look at the results of this call-to-action:

Private Group Grew To 200+ Members Fast

That is rapid growth, and keep in mind… every video I make will just keep snowballing this growth. Already this morning there are 12 members that want to join the group. Growth like this can transform your business as the members in the group are all eager to learn what I show in my Youtube videos. Let’s move on to the other result:

Consistent Leads From Youtube

I am consistent… as long as you keep your call-to-action in your description, you will get traffic. So, my call-to-action was not only for the viewers to join a group but for people to schedule a phone call with me consulting their Facebook ads. Check this out:

This is an everyday email I receive from Youtube’s free traffic that results in consistent revenue for my company. This is FREE traffic and can be very scalable if you create one Youtube video every week. The more content you create the more organic leads your business will receive. So with these leads how can we monetize them?

  • Consulting calls – to hire me to review your Facebook strategy I start at $150.00 an hour. One call a day for a week results in $1050 in excess revenue for my company
  • Email list – a very popular option on Youtube. Your call-to-action could be for someone to join your email list
  • Offer – maybe you have a static offer that you can sell to your viewers immediately

Whatever your monetization strategy is, make sure its a part of your growth/marketing strategy.

In Conclusion

Youtube is a great way to generate more revenue for your business. It is by no means a traffic stream to ignore. Many marketers ignore this stream because they simply just do not believe in Youtube for their business. It’s up to you if you want more free Traffic and Leads. You can start by using the Google Adwords Planner to see what keywords you can use in your title.

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