Facebook is taking groups more serious every single day. Unlike Linkedin, who plans to discontinue the group feature because they have become ghost towns… Facebook’s groups are thriving and are a great way to create a sales funnel. Facebook recently added a new analytics feature within groups that now allows you to check the growth of your group. But how can you start to get more growth in your groups? Hi, my name is Ruan Marinho and today, I’m going to be showing you how to scale a Facebook group.

Before we talk about scaling a Facebook group, what is exactly is a Facebook group and how can it impact your business?

A Facebook group is a private or public, group of people where you can share insights, content, and spark conversations with your group members and audience.

Groups allow you to do posts and engage with your audience keeping them hooked:

Putting up content can overall help you transition your warm group members, into dedicated content consumers. Your focus in a Facebook group should be to offer massive value with every post. So now you know what a Facebook group is, why is it important? Well, let’s look at some reasons:

  • Facebook has a much more relaxed tone than Linkedin
  • Facebook has 1.8 BILLION active users
  • Facebook is the best place for communication with other members

These benefits should mean a lot to you. Content marketing has become more and more powerful when it comes to gaining the trust of your audience. The warmer your audience is, the more likely they’re going to trust you or your brand. That’s what Facebook groups are great for! They allow you to compile a bunch of people with similar interests into your small group.

So how can you grow your group to 257 new members fast?

The key to this is traffic. Where is your traffic currently going, and how can you monetize it? The chart down below shows my groups growth since I launched it:

Whats important to know is that if you want your group to look like this, you need dedicated traffic. Let’s look at the most powerful source of traffic that you can implement tonight to start getting more group members:

Youtube Video Traffic

This is the most powerful source of traffic you can have. Why? Because Youtube is a very visual platform that gives the user complete trust of his or her audience. So how can you go about getting more Youtube traffic into your Facebook group? You can start by creating a video based on how to do something in your industry.Below are a few examples of “how to” videos you can utilize immediately:

  • Financial Professionals – How to invest $5,000 wisely in 2018
  • Cell Phone Kiosk’s – How to repair an iPhone 8
  • HR Professionals – How to get a high paying job before you graduate college
  • Digital Marketers – How to create an automated email newsletter

These are just a few examples of what kinds of how to videos work. So, to visually show you, I will use my Youtube channel as an example:

Creating A “How To” Video In Youtube

A couple of things you’ll notice about this video that makes it very effective:

  • The title of the video is a how-to and it is a facing issue within my industry
  • The video provides great content so it summed up 28,000 views
  • In the description, we added a link to the viewers can quickly join our Facebook group

This is a funnel optimized for growing your group rapidly. You can see growth rapidly occur with the more videos you create and optimize with Youtube SEO. You will get quality group traffic and forever engagement.

With this new found engagement you can connect with your audience instantly

Creating Content For This Group

Before you make any content, how can you assure that you’re creating the right content for your group? You can start by looking at your new analytics:

Look at demographics to cater to

Facebook’s new analytics now allow you to see your groups demographics:

This becomes extremely effective because it allows you to see the top countries that are in your group. It is filtered by top countries. It is counted by the numerical value of everyone in the group. And it even shows you the top cities and the numerical count associated. This is great to know as you want to create more content dedicated to the top country within your group.

Is Your Audience Male Or Female?

This should be your favorite feature within the new Facebook group analytics. It is crucial that you create content to the dominant gender in the group. Facebook categorizes it by percentages. For example, in my private Facebook group, the dominant person is male, with the age of 25-34, and in the United States. So the content that I create will be targeting that person. If I create a women’s audience targeting the age of 65% and for India, my content is not going to get engagement.

Know Who Your Top Engagers Are And Communicate With Them

How should you distribute your content marketing efforts within the group? Use Facebooks new analytics tool to quickly gather information on who your top contributors are and cater to them. Communicate with them, find out what they do and what is their intention for being in the group. This will you give you a good idea as to why they love your content so much. Most likely, people just like them will be looking for a group like yours. In this example, my biggest contributors are those who own other digital agencies looking for out of the box Facebook ads, and SEO tips and tricks. So, naturally, my content is around my agency

Welcome New Members With Facebooks New Feature

Facebook quickly allows you to welcome your new members with just one post

This can make your members feel engaged and you will receive a very positive reaction.

Getting Traffic And Leads From The Group

So now you have your Facebook group and you understand the principles behind it and how to monetize it to bring you or your business more attention. So how do I get traffic and leads to my business from the Facebook group? Start creating content that directs your audience to your preferred site. For me, I want traffic to my YouTube page:

Post daily content and add a link to where you want your audience to go, and they will go. But before you can do this, make sure you’re providing massive value within the content. If you’re not providing value, your audience will look at you as spammy and you will even lose trust.

What To Post In Your Groups

When posting keep the following in mind, do not post:

  • Affiliate links
  • Low-value content
  • Repetitive content

Remember, your audience is in your group because they trust your expertise and are always looking for more tips and strategies that will help them in their life.

In Conclusion

Keep monetizing your group and providing value. If you have a high ticket offer then you need to put out a lot more content before you can even ask for a penny from your audience. With the strategies shown above, you should continue to monetize your group and continue to build that community. Here is a recap of how to start growing your group:

  • Create a Facebook group
  • Make YouTube videos
  • Redirect YouTube traffic to your Facebook group
  • Monetize your group by strategically creating content

Following these steps will quickly allow for growth in your Facebook group.

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