The ultimate youtube ranking guide: how to rank youtube videos on google fast

Hey there, Ruan from Develomark and today I wanted to talk about how you can tank youtube videos on Google fast. What most SEO pros don’t realize, is that Youtube takes up a huge amount of real estate in Google’s search engine. There are some Youtube video ranking software that you absolutely need to know about to quickly get to that first position with little risk. Youtube marketing experts know this and so should you.

Ranking youtube videos on Google is very easy if you know what you’re doing. But why would someone want to rank a video on Youtube and what exactly does it look like?

Someone would want to do it to take up more real estate within the search engine to ensure a higher CTR. For example, for the keyword “Iowa city“, the company not only holds the first place with a website but also with a youtube video completely dominating the search engine rankings:

rank youtube video on first page of google in minutes

The nice thing about ranking your youtube videos on google is that you can list your phone number for more visibility in your youtube titles.

We’re going to show you exactly rank youtube video on the first page of Google in minutes using youtube SEO. You will be able to take any video and rank it on the first page of google with youtube.

So, let’s dive right into the content:

How To Rank Youtube Videos On The First Page Of Google In Minutes With Youtube SEO

Like any other tutorial, I will be guiding you using images.  Because how to rank youtube videos on google can be a little difficult if you’ve never done it before. Youtube SEO is a lot easier than Google SEO. So, I will break this down into three actionable steps that you can take and run with today.

1. Your video file information – how to rank youtube videos on google

Many people miss out on this, but before you even upload your video to Youtube you should rename it for a keyword you want to rank for.

If you haven’t found a keyword that you want to rank for, we recommend using Google keyword planner. It gives you a pretty good insight of how competitive youtube SEO keywords are and it’s free

rank youtube videos on google

Assuming you know the keyword you wanted to go for you would name your video file optimized for that keyword. We’re going to show you an example. So, let’s say we wanted to go for the keyword “tree service cost in Cheshire ct“, you would start by naming the file that keyword

google youtube rankings

When you do this, your file sends a signal to youtube. Furthermore, this gives you an advantage over other video creators. You should be sending as many signs to youtube that your video is worthy of rankings. A completely optimized youtube video will be more SEO friendly.

Name your tags and titles in conjunction with your keyword before uploading your file.

Here is the search result for the keyword “tree service cost in Cheshire ct”

youtube seo ranking on google

The video has been static on the first page floating from the first rank to second. This is an easy way to get real estate on Google using youtube videos. But the file title and tags are just a start in ranking videos on youtube. We will continue to the next crucial factor on how to rank youtube videos on google.

2. use your keyword in your description along with LSI’s

Youtube gives you a pretty big description box, but how exactly do you write a description that is SEO friendly on Google? Well, we recommend a larger keyword density in your descriptions. Here is what we found at Develomark on how to maximize your description box:

  • Create descriptions with at least 300 characters (very similar to a WordPress blog)
  • Link out from your youtube video to social profiles and your website
  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph and roll with a 3% keyword density on the page
  • Use synonyms of your keyword within your description

Following these signals will notify Google that not only the title of your video has tags, but it also is found in the description box. A good example is a well-optimized video description is attached below

how to rank youtube videos on google

You’ll see that the description is very informational and the keywords that are actually ranking are on the right. This shows us that using keywords in the title that is cohesive with the tags and description give SEO signals to youtube. So if you’re wondering how to rank youtube videos on google, make sure you follow that step.

In the next part of how to rank youtube videos on google series, I will be showing you a software that I use to rank my videos. It actually got me a position for a large keyword that resulted in 58,000 views in 3 months.

3. Using Cloudrank – how to rank youtube videos on Google Fast

Cloudrank is a youtube video ranking software that gives you incredible SEO for youtube channel and videos.

The youtube video ranking software cloudrank does all the heavy lifting in Youtube SEO.

how to rank youtube videos on google with cloud rank

Cloudrank works in a very sneaky way. What it does is it live streams your videos and drives traffic to your youtube video immediately when it is launched.

This is a clever thing for the youtube video ranking software cloudrank does because a huge youtube SEO ranking factor is the initial launch. Your whole destiny is determined in the first 42 hours of uploading your video so it’s important to get initial launch video views.

Cloudrank additionally will link to your video and provide video embeds on other PBN’s based on your niche. This is very exciting because it almost guarantee’s your ranking on google.

The youtube software allows you to fulfill all of your SEO needs right in a software.

So what are some rankings I have seen with cloudrank?

My most notable was for a large volume keyword, “how to create a Facebook ad”

My video is ranking just below Facebook’s placement. This has resulted in over 50,000 views

youtube video rank checker

With that many views, I can easily make money from AdSense or I can take that traffic and put the viewers down a sales funnel.

This is a great example of taking up a huge piece of real estate with cloudbank. The keyword is “mobile dent repair leads” and this video has been run through cloud rank

how to rank youtube videos fast

Results like this are typical with cloudrank

Hope you enjoyed the how to rank youtube videos on google series 

We hope you enjoyed the series we created, “how to rank youtube videos on google”. These tips are actionable steps to rank a youtube video fast. 

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