On Page SEO Optimization

Let Us Do The Technical Work Of Your SEO Campaign

There are many pieces to a local search engine optimization campaign. Many of the pieces involve technical SEO on a website. Technical SEO is the practice of ensuring your website can be crawled easily by Google. As a result of being the largest search engine in the world, Google crawls millions of websites a day due to the nature of the internet. Because of this, your website needs to be search engine friendly. These are little things such as: 

  • Optimizing your website’s pages (refreshing old content) 

  • Ensuring your website is optimized for local searches 

  • Creating and optimizing title tags, meta tags, and much more 

Most of our SEO packages cover everything from an On-Page SEO standpoint. Each of our local SEO campaigns contain a extensive amount of technical work done to a website. In the first month of using our SEO services, you can expect from an On-Page SEO standpoint: 

  • SEO Road Map

  • Blog Creation

  • Webpage Copywriting (7 pages, 350 words/page)

  • Title Tag Optimization (20 titles)

  • Meta Description Optimization (20 meta descriptions)

  • Meta Keyword Optimization (20 meta keywords)

  • Domain Redirect Optimization

  • .xml Sitemap Optimization

  • Robots.txt Check

  • URL Rewrites (20 URL rewrites)

  • Broken Link Report

  • Google Analytics Check & Installation

  • Google Search Console Check & Installation

Ready to hand off the busy work of your SEO campaign to a digital marketing agency in Connecticut proven to get results? Start by requesting a free consultation for your business.