Our Process: Your Website, In Front Of Your Target Customers 

DeveloMark provides website marketing services for our clients throughout the world. If you have considered working with us, you may have considered what happens after you sign up. 

Our process laid out below is derived from experience working with dozens of websites through almost every business vertical. Not only do we design nice websites, but we also power up the website with a cohesive digital marketing plan that will provide you with everlasting results. 

If you’re ready to take a deeper look at our process, take a moment to see below our simple process after you become a client. The process lays out our capabilities and gives you a great understanding of what to expect



1. Survey & Data Collection 

The moment you become a client with DeveloMark, we survey your business by asking you important things we need throughout the campaign. Our survey is generally 30 minutes to complete and includes questions such as:

  • how long have you been in business?
  • what is your business location?
  • is there something that is unique about your product or service?

By asking these questions up front, our team can deliver services without the hiccups of having to back and forth data. We also ensure we obtain all login credentials, user access, and any other information we may need.

2. Digital Marketing/Website Auditing Phase 

Once we have access to your Google analytics, Google search console, and anywhere else we may need logins – we can start creating a benchmarking report to show you where you stand.

The benchmark reporting will show you exactly where you are for your keywords, how well your content performs, and technical opportunities for your website. You can take a look at our digital audit as a stand-alone service by clicking through to here.

3. Your Website Design Begins 

In 30 days or less, the DVM team will have a mock-up draft for you to look at. When this happens, you will be able to make edits to the mockup we sent you as well as provide some notes.  

At this stage, it is crucial to let us know what you like and don’t like – once you’ve approved the design, our team then goes into the development stage. Please note that most of our design inspirations come from the survey that you filled out prior to our design phase. This is why we recommend to add as much information as possible to the intake survey.

4. We Begin To Develop Your Website 

Once we have approval for the design, we then turn into the development phase. Here we code the design into reality, making each and every feature on the site into a real design that performs.

At this stage, you will be able to use the website and take advantage of the user interface and experience. Once we have coded the website, you will now have the opportunity to ask for more revisions.

5. 3 Added Website Revisions 

Once the website is live, you will be able to request revisions on the website giving you the opportunity to fix anything that you want to be changed.

It is important to note that website revisions outside of the agreed-upon package will be billed at $750 for every three revisions. This is another reason being up front with as much data as possible in the beginning.

6. On-Site Content Production

It is likely if you are running a paid media/SEO campaign, you’re going to need professional content to display throughout the internet. The DeveloMark team is an in-house video production and graphic design team that can get the content we need for the SEO campaign.

If you’re local to Connecticut, we will come on-site to your location and take images, videos, and candids of your team to ensure that we have information to post online. There is nothing worse in digital marketing than stock photos, boring videos, and images/files that are not sized correctly. Throughout the visit, we may even recommend that you bring customers so the DVM team can produce video testimonials for your clients.

7. Keyword Research / Campaign Planning 

Once we have the content available, we can now start planning out your SEO campaign. At this stage, we will start to do keyword research as to what is working in your industry. Here we find keywords that have benefit for your website rankings.

Alongside this, we research what content performs better for certain situations. Regardless if we’re posting a blog, video, or article on your site – we ensure that it is highly optimized to compete in the search engines. If you’re running a paid ad campaign, we will start by creating an ad schedule throughout the campaign.

8. SEO Roadmap Document 

After our research, we will present to your team what we think is best for the campaign. This includes which blogs to write, which videos to create, and where to advertise your offers throughout the campaign.

This SEO roadmap lays out exactly what the DVM team will deliver throughout the campaign. We will even recommend topics for your business, keyword research reporting, and actionable items we think we should take immediately.

The SEO roadmap document is contingent on your approval as we want to make sure we’re working with you, not against you.

9. Digital Campaign Implementation 

Once we have your approval, we can begin to start implementing the SEO campaign. Here the DVM team will take action on the SEO roadmap. We will write content, create graphics, and fully manage your website and directory listings.

At this point in the campaign, you can step back and let the reporting come in. The DVM team will send you weekly reporting of what has been done on the website and if there are any updates. When we implement, we ensure to follow platform guidelines to ensure that your business is safe from algorithm penalties.

At this moment the DVM team will also implement paid advertising on relevant directories, Google PPC, and social advertising on platforms such as Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, and other networks where cost per click is low. 

10. Reporting & Management 

Every month you will receive reporting covering all aspects of our digital marketing campaign. Each month you will receive an executive report which covers your keyword performance, content performance, directory listing status, and backlink portfolio. We will also send you some peace of mind reporting including your analytics data, Google my business data, and much more. This is all done by our team so you get a custom dashboard of your reporting so you don’t have to scramble around a ton of reporting.


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DeveloMark as an agency covers a lot of services for our customers. Because we offer SEO, social media, pay per click management, graphic design, website design, and many other services – we have gathered our most commonly asked questions. By working with dozens of clients from all different business verticals, DeveloMark has been able to identify the common questions that most of our customers ask us.

How does your pricing structure work?

Unlike other marketing agencies, we work with virtually any budget. Why? Because we work based on hours delivered for our clients. Because of this, we cannot set a “packaged” price for our services. Our pricing depends on the type of business, your goals, and what you’re currently utilizing online. We determine the price by thoroughly analyzing your current digital marketing positions. The DeveloMark team will analyze your current rankings plus social presence and our team will analyze how much your competitors are spending on paid ads and where they are marketing. Because of the nature of your success, we provide pricing based on the research we find for your situation. Get a price quote here.

Will you lock us into a contract? 

Marketing is measured throughout time; it cannot be measured in a month’s time. Although we offer á la carte services such as graphic design and social media profile clean-ups, we generally work with companies on their marketing campaign. Our marketing campaigns can range from 6 months to 2 years. If you’re not ready for such a commitment with your company, we highly recommend you revisit us in the future. Our services work for businesses who have the mindset of growth because it is our mindset. 

What makes your agency different than others? 

DeveloMark stands apart from the others because of our competitive nature for the victory of our clients. To date, all of our clients have made the top 3 rankings in the Google search results. In fact, our agency is #1 for the keyword phrase “Connecticut SEO” and other related search engine optimization terms. This is because we practice what we preach when it comes to marketing. Our agency implements what we offer to our customers and we can safely say we’ve grown our business solely due to marketing. The DeveloMark team is also an in-house digital agency so you can ensure you’re not just the middleman to a development center overseas. Your work is handled from an onshore team that is experienced with your campaign. There is a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’ll start seeing DeveloMark’s ads.   

What is Local SEO? 

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of gaining higher rankings for a website on Google’s organic search. When someone submits a Google search, Google recommends a nearby business based on the locality of the business. This is powerful because unlike paid advertising, you don’t pay for the click to your website. Furthermore, the results last forever rather than just when you’re running a paid ads campaign. SEO takes time to work for a business but many businesses can see up to 5 additional calls per day from targeted customers searching in Google. A properly done local SEO campaign transforms businesses. It gives a business something to bet on each and every month. You can depend on phone calls from organic search rankings. Local SEO marketing is like planting a seed and growing a tree that will last for years to come. 

How long have you been in business?

DeveloMark as an agency was born in 2017 – with a slow growth start, DeveloMark focused on ensuring they could deliver an exceptional result before heading out to the market. In 2018 the company was to take on more clients after accomplishing office space and more of an official structure. We’re now approaching our third year in business and are excited to create substantial growth throughout the next year. Since then the Dvm team is on the better business , has been featured in multiple TV segments, and has been featured in the top 1,000,000 websites according to Alexa rank. We go by the philosophy of practicing what we preach. 


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