How to reach 100,000 people with a facebook ad

As a digital marketing consultant, one of the main questions I come across is, “how many times per day should I be posting”… the answer to this question is every day. There are a few benefits of posting every day, let’s look through them:

  • Increased brand exposure
  • Facebook’s algorithm rewards you with more organic reach
  • Follower’s see a consistency within the brand

Although this may sound very easy, is there a right way to do it? Let’s look at an example where we use a strategy we came up with to completely hack Facebook’s algorithm to give your brand maximum exposure. Please see video attached:

Our posts generally bring us 3,700 organic reaches every day … please see strategy below:

So how are we able to completely hack the algorithm and get maximum exposure for any brand, check out these three steps below and implement it to your business:

  1. Post a video that gains some serious virality, a good idea would be to create a giveaway for your brand. This will give you some serious results and quickly add some vitality to your page, for inspiration, see the post we did for our client:

As you can see we reached 20,000 new video views for this local restaurant in town. So, what do we do with all these viewers? Check out the next step for learning more.

2. Once you have the video views, Facebook now allows you to do something really cool called a custom audience. Basically, a custom audience means you can retarget video viewers who have watched a certain amount of your content. Please see the image below on what this looks like:

You’ll notice under the “name” tab that we have created a set audience of people who have watched our video 95% of the way through. Why is this important? Well if they watched the video all the way through it must mean that they are engaged with our brand. Once we’ve created this audience we can then go through the Facebook’s business manager and advertise specifically to those people.

3. So what exactly do you post to this audience? Well, think of the audience as a funnel for your business. If they’ve engaged before keep them engaged by posting content that is relevant. In this case scenario, it’s a pizza place so naturally, we’re going to post pizza. Check out the results once we posted this pizza picture:

4,315 people reached with a $5 ad budget. This is how we hack Facebook’s algorithm to gain maximum exposure for a brand.

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