Looking for affordable SEO reseller packages that can benefit your business? If you’re in contact with other businesses that may have a need for SEO services, DeveloMark can offer comprehensive packages for your clients at a rate that is profitable for you. If you don’t have the team to fulfill the services, let us handle the heavy lifting while you do the client getting. DeveloMark has been proven to provide results for SEO services in the past and we can assure that your clients will see success with our search engine optimization services.

How Our Reseller Program Works 


Our program is designed to deliver results for clients looking to outsource search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media marketing, graphic design and other marketing related services. You first start by sending us basic information about your client:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Website URL

Working with DeveloMark, we will provide you with white label agency documents such as a client survey, contract, reporting, rank tracking and much more.

Once we have some information about your client, you can tell us their goal (i.e increase from 5 calls to 20 calls per month). Next, we do an analysis of your client’s current health online and provide you with an estimate based on the audit. You will then receive a white label proposal that you can share with your client. You’ll be sent frequent reports to demonstrate your client’s rankings and recommendations we make.

Your Client’s Campaign Launch

 At the launch of the campaign, the DeveloMark team will immediately start implementing the recommended actions by requesting access to all of the client’s social and web accounts. DeveloMark will touch on all aspects of the proposed agreement. 

Once we have access, we will act as a member of your team and update you with new changes to the website. Changes can include on-page optimization, local map listings, backlink outreach, and content creation.

You can also trust that DeveloMark will deliver results as we currently rank #1 on Google for the term “Connecticut SEO”, and we also rank at the top of the search engines for the keyword phrase, “New York SEO”. We also manage more than $3,000 per month of paid advertising for our own digital marketing agency.

Many marketing companies don’t “practice what they preach” in terms of doing their own marketing. We avoid this at all costs by ensuring you get access to our reseller programs with a trusted agency that has delivered for themselves.

Our Reseller Pricing Packages

Our pricing is very simple and easy for your customer to understand without being a tech geek. We bill based on the hour and it varies per client. Monthly retainers will vary from client to client as there are always different amounts of hours to complete your client’s request. 

For example, for us to design a logo it may take our agency 3 hours; to run a marketing campaign, it could take 200 hours. Therefore, we do not offer packages because of these variables. Instead, we look at your client’s current marketing situation and make recommendations from a digital marketing perspective.

We price out campaigns with our reseller hourly rate of $75 per hour. You can resell for your agency cost for the project. The average SEO agency/freelancer charges $150 per hour for search engine optimization work. It is important to note that our average SEO reseller package comes in at $1250 directly billed to you. You can sell this package to your clients at whatever cost that you feel comfortable with.

Communication Through The Campaign 

Our SEO reseller packages allow you to completely handoff from client communication. We provide you with direct reporting that goes to you and the end client. Our executive reports come in once a month, and other updates such as keyword movement comes in once a week, twice a month, or whatever you feel comfortable with. We will coach you through the process of ensuring the client is well informed of their campaign. Here is what we will report on for you and your client:

  • Weekly Reporting: a weekly reporting email will be sent to the client covering Google Analytics, Google search console, Google my business, rank tracking, and however your client wants up to report on.
  • Call tracking: our team can set up call tracking for the client to show proof of concept of how many phone calls are actually coming in from organic search. We recommend doing this with every campaign so we can show measurable results to your client.
  • Social analytics: social engagement is important for SEO, if your client is not using social media to grow their fan page, following, or post engagement – the DeveloMark team can launch a paid campaign alongside the SEO campaign to ensure social engagement increases for higher search rankings.
  • Reputation management: the beauty of a search engine optimization campaign is that it protects your client from damaging search results online. Throughout the SEO campaign, positive search results will be displayed on the first page of Google. This is extremely important if your client has a reputable brand with a damaging report on the first page of Google. Generally speaking, our reseller SEO campaigns suppress the search results lower in the search engine giving your client piece of mind.

Request A Project Quote Today 

Ready to learn more about our SEO reseller packages? Get started by telling us a little bit about your project and we can get started by having a coaching call on how you can better serve your customers. 

Our team will respond to you right away and we will quickly analyze your client and ensure we provide the best price guarantee for your SEO services. Our initial reseller package starts at $1,250 which includes content for the client, directory management, backlink acquisition, Google my business management, and a comprehensive competitor analysis.

With the best price guarantee, we also come with quality, as we understand it can be hard to be profitable at times. Click on the contact us today button to learn more about your project and begin with your coacing program.




Pay per click marketing allows your business to bud for the keywords that matter. The DeveloMark team is Google Adwords certified in pay per click and can get the most out of your Adwords campaign by decreasing click through costs and increasing conversions.


Not only do we rank for highly competitive keywords in our industry, we can do the same for your business using up to code practices including on page SEO, link building, and content writing and management. Stay ahead of the search by working with DeveloMark.


Your website is your digital signage, make sure your customers know that you’re open for business by having a responsive website design that captures interest and more importantly conversions. Our team makes custom websites built for more visitors and more visability in the Google search.


Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase from a business. This is a statistic that you cannot ignore in 2019. Your marketing efforts can easily become ineffective if your brand is not represented correctly online. Using reputation management software, the Develomark team create a program for your business to generate more high quality reviews to build trust. 


Depending on your vertical the Develomark team can implement a Google LSA ad campaign to raise awareness when someone makes a search. If you’re not familiar with what a Google LSA ad is, you can learn more by watching this video on LSA ads and how they work. For now they are only available for home services businesses such as Garage Door Repair etc. 


An average business can make $2 for every $1 spent on digital advertising. Where your customers are searching, you should be advertising. Using social media and Google’s display ads, the Develomark team can implement a retargeting campaign to show your potential customers ads where they need to see them. 


How long does it take to rank?

Rankings are dependant on keyword difficulty, Keyword difficulty is a score based on 0 – 100 to determine a markets competiton. For example, the keyword “new york SEO” has a difficulty of 58 according to ahrefs (a popular SEO tool to measure KD). If your business is targeting a keyword with a score of 80, it will take longer to rank than a keyword that has a KD of 9. Your best option is to contact us to view our approach on ranking your keyword specifically. 

Will you put me in a contract?  

Once you contact us we will immediately conduct an audit of how well you’re performing on the organic search. Based on what our team see’s, there will be a scope of work laid out for your viewing that outlines the time and budget needed to rank for your keywords. Usually, we place our clients into agreenements as SEO is not a one month and done solution. The only time we don’t use contracts is when we’re doing a one time optimization for a given website. 

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the hours it takes to get the keyword placement. This ties back to understanding how keyword difficulty can affect SEO rankings. For a keyword such as “new york SEO”, we would charge more than for a smaller keyword such as “new york seo marketing agency”. This is because going for keywords with more competition takes more time and much more production than a keyword with low difficulty.    

Whats your approach for SEO? 

Our approach varies depending on the type of business you are. But regardless of your business, we get the work done by focusing on creating high qaulity relevant content, updating your content regularly, creating click-worthy title tags and meta tags, using image alt tags, focusing on website speed, and having link worthy content. With these suggestions it is safe to say you’ll see positive movements regardless of the industry.  

Do I pick the keywords?  

When we launch an SEO campaign we always ask you what keywords you want to rank for. Once we have that set list of keywords, we can then determine other keywords that fit well with your brand authority. Targeting keywords all comes down to what the user is trying to accomplish after they make that search. We can also use tools to find keywords that are being searches the most in your local area or throughout the world.

Will you write the content?

Yes, if you don’t have existing website content for us to optimize we will do it for you. Our SEO strategy is also a content marketing strategy. Using a team of highly skilled writers we can create content that represents your brand and what it stands for. We specialize in writing articles that are 100 – 10,000 words long all in efforts to rank for a specific keyword. If you already have content, we then optimize your existing content to make sure it gets impressions in the search.

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