Facebook ads for beginners on shopify in 2018

Shopify Facebook Ads For Beginners 2018:

HEY! Wondering what the best Shopify Facebook Ads Strategy is? In this video, I go over what you should be paying attention to when driving traffic to your Shopify store. This is actually going to be a series of videos getting sales from Facebook advertising.

So, here is what you need to know about this first video: Complete Shopify Facebook Ads For Beginners 2018: New, Updates information that has proven to work for my clients. This is not an old and outdated strategy from 2015…

Start with: PPE – Page Post Engagement – Create a Shopify Facebook Ad with a video and get 10,000 + views to create an audience so you can start a retargeting campaign. Use the custom audiences to make this possible.

This is the best way to start a Shopify Facebook Ads Strategy. With a new product, you always want to test to make sure you can get a dedicated audience. Cold traffic is a NO NO Build a custom audience from your video – in the Shopify Facebook Ads For Beginners 2018 video, I show you how to create a custom audience after your video has gotten the views it deserves.

After this is done, we start running conversion ads with the audience that we already built. BUT, we do not include this in this video, but you can see that video right here: Please keep in mind you cannot start your conversion process without setting up the Shopify facebook ads pixel.

The Shopify Facebook ads pixel will essentially allow you to track purchases in your store. This will gauge if your Shopify Facebook Ads Strategy is actually working. If you have questions, make sure to comment down below. If you need to reach me:

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