best Shopify Instagram influencer marketing strategy


Shopify Instagram Influencer Marketing Outreach is a negotiation tactic. You reach out to an influencer and you know you want to strike a deal with them but how do you go about it?



You can always start by checking their stats in Socialblade and Phlanx.


These tools will allow you to quickly scope out your Instagram influencer and even see what their engagement is.


In the last video, I showed you how to effectively reach out to a Shopify Instagram Influencer and optimize your message to get responses back.


But once you’ve done the outreach for the Shopify Instagram Influencer Marketing, you should always check and see what their engagement is before agreeing upon a price.


At my digital agency, we personally like to see at least a 3% engagement to have an effective Shopify influencer marketing campaign.


Shopify Influencer Marketing consists of getting the largest accounts on Instagram to effectively promote your products and drive you tons of free traffic.


Look below to see the pros and cons of Shopify Instagram Influencer Marketing:




-Qualified traffic

-Low cost

-Gain followers


The best part about influencer outreach on the Instagram platform is by far the sales you will get in result to the Instagram influencers social posts.


But in addition to that, not only will you receive a chunk of sales; you will also receive an excellent amount of followers because of the social post.


More followers generally means for you that you can now organically increase your Shopify exposure using Shopify Instagram Influencer Outreach


Influencer Outreach should be where you start your Shopify dropshipping business because it gives you a great return on investment in your budgeting dollars.


With that being said, follow the exact formula stated above and you will start to see Shopify Influencer Marketing results. More so, you will see an uplift in sales, followers, and overall page exposure.




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