Video SEO 101

Google is a great platform for users to search different things like news, topics, and relevant websites to get the most accurate information from a viable source. Its no wonder why millions of people search Google’s algorithm in hopes of finding the most relevant topics in their search quest. With that being said, a whole industry is created where SEO companies now can charge a good amount of money for search engine optimization services. But is there a traffic source that people are ignoring?

Video SEO will rapidly increase in 2018

yes, you heard that right. The need for video SEO will dramatically increase in 2018 because people searching the web are looking for quick consumable content in a visual format. DeveloMark has ranked several YouTube videos in the past and today, owner Ruan M. Marinho will share his best practices when it comes to video SEO tips and strategies in 2018:

Video SEO ranking signals:

Google looks at the following signals when determining a videos authority and ranking:

  • Average watch time
  • Transcribed data
  • Keywords in the Title and description
  • Social signals
  • Web 2.0 Embeds

So, what does this all mean? Well, your video needs to have the highest of quality content and needs to be entertaining so people don’t click off of your video and bounce to another video.

Google heavily pays attention to the quality of the content and they measure this by gauging how effective your video is with keeping their users on their platform.


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The more engaging and informative your video is, the more retention time you will receive, the more YouTube could use their algorithm to push out ads to the viewer

A good example of this is the keyword we rank for below. The keyword is “How To Create A Facebook Ad


As you can see the keyword volume for this keyword is roughly 2,900 searches per month. That is a lot of traffic for a single YouTube video. Want to see exactly how we did it? Click here

So naturally, when you curate great content, the rest of the mix will follow.

You will notice that people will start to link out from their websites to your YouTube videos and you will start to receive that extra traffic boost you have been looking for. This traffic boost will, in turn, skyrocket your rankings and give you the views your video deserves.

If you don’t want to use organic rankings and want faster results, try hiring someone on Fiverr to give you that boost in Video SEO ranking you need. You can simply put in a search for “backlinks” and you’ll get tons of results:

SEO for Videos in 2018

Using a paid service like this is a little expensive, but will get you the video views you desire after some time and will quickly rank your video within Google and YouTube’s algorithm

Hope this has been helpful to all the users and SEO companies out there : )


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