SEO Copywriting: Tips To Improve Website Rankings

Looking forward to starting a website for your company or service? Well, then it’s essential that you think about writing texts that are SEO-centric. Every single word on your website should be curated and thought out. If you intend to write your own texts, you need...

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How To Speed Up Your Website

What is Website Page Speed? Website page speed is just like it sounds, how fast your website loads. It is affected by the amount of media on your page, the speed of your host, and other variables. Page speed is something that can be changed, even people with little...

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What Is The Objective Of Online Reputation Management

MANAGING ONLINE REPUTATION ORM or Online Reputation Management is defined by techopedia as being "the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the internet". In latent terms, ORM...

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5 Easy SEO Content Tips For Small Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Create SEO Optimized Website Content  If you're building a brand or a business online, you're going to need to build the skillset of gaining traction to your website without paying for advertising. It is likely if you have a new business, small business, or a...

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Ubersuggest: The Ultimate Guide To Higher SEO Rankings

Ubersuggest is one of the most comprehensive free SEO tools out on the market today. If you're a marketer and need to do comprehensive research but don't want to pay for a paid SEO tool, I am going to show you exactly how to do so in this quick guide. The fact is, I...

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Top Free Online Reputation Management Tools

When was the last time someone put something up about you online that you did not like? Do you know how to actively check to see if people are mentioning your brand online? In this post, we're going to be covering the best free online reputation management tools. With...

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Understanding The Basics Of Keyword Research

Keywords are terms or phrases, short or long-tailed, that are used to best describe your business, what you do, and who you are. The idea is that by using keywords throughout your site in your content Google will be able to understand your industry and the type of...

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Understanding Keyword Difficulty For SEO Rankings

In your search to determine which keywords to focus your content around that is relevant to your company you will come across information regarding keyword difficulty. Usually, the keyword difficulty will be displayed alongside other keyword information such as search...

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What Percentage Should You Keyword Density Be?

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now there are a ton of moving parts when it comes to SEO that all work together to either make or break your Google ranking or page appearance in SERPS. Keyword density is another one of those moving parts that you should pay...

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What Is Internal Linking For SEO Content?

Understanding The Basics  Internal links are a common SEO practice. They are hyperlinks found throughout a website that direct to another page or resource of the same domain. In even more simple terms it’s a link from one page on your site to another page on your...

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What Is A Call To Action?

Calls-To-Action, most commonly known in the SEO world as a CTA, is a button that tells site visitors to take an action. This could mean simply check out the site some more, fill out a contact form (useful for lead generation), book a phone call, read an article, go to...

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Understanding What Conversion Rate Optimization Is

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of increasing website visitors who take an action. An action can be anything such as filling out a form, making a purchase, subscribing to your blog or newsletter, requesting a quote, contacting your company,...

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What Is An Alt Tag For SEO?

Alt tag, the common abbreviation for alternative tag also referred to as alt attribute, is a key aspect in optimizing your website for SEO purposes. Google and Bing, two of the most commonly used search engines, count alt tags as on page text and a rather significant...

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What Is A 301 Redirect And Why Is It Important

A common HTTP status code that you can encounter when working on SEO for clients is a 301 redirect. A 301 redirect refers to a PERMANENT redirect when you change the path of traffic to from one URL to another and link multiple URLs together. This type of redirect is...

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What Is The Average Cost Of Online Reputation Management

You've probably seen a ton of information online about how important it is to monitor your online reputation management, but how much does it actually cost to run an online reputation management campaign?  Companies such as Brand Yourself, Rip Off Report, and other...

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